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"Limerick Parishioners Unveil St. Patrick's Harmonious Addition" |

“Limerick Parishioners Unveil St. Patrick’s Harmonious Addition”

LIMERICK, IRELAND – In a momentous ceremony on Sunday, the Bishop of Limerick dedicated a brand-new organ for the church of St. Patrick in the picturesque parish of Parteen, located just two miles from the heart of Limerick. The culmination of tireless efforts and unwavering community support, the instrument stands as a testament to the dedication of parishioners.

The funding for this musical masterpiece was predominantly sourced through subscriptions generously contributed by the parishioners, highlighting the strong sense of community and commitment to enhancing their worship experience. Among the key figures credited for spearheading this initiative are Ms. Adam Shire, Mr Hanlon, and Mr Waterstone. Their collective efforts, spanning a quarter of a century, played a pivotal role in collecting the necessary funds to bring this musical gem to fruition.

Mr Waterstone, serving as the honourary organist for an impressive twenty-five years, has been instrumental in rallying support and securing subscriptions. His steadfast dedication to the parish and its musical aspirations is reflected not only in the successful culmination of this project but also in his valuable contribution as an organist.

The newly installed organ is a rich and melodious addition to the church, offering a handsome instrument that serves as a valuable adjunct to the worship experience. The parishioners can now revel in the harmonious sounds that resonate through the sacred space, enhancing the spiritual ambiance of St. Patrick’s church.

During the dedication ceremony, the Bishop delivered a sermon that resonated with the significance of the occasion. He congratulated the congregation for their unwavering commitment to providing such a fine organ, emphasizing the importance of music in enriching the spiritual journey of the community.

The Bishop’s words echoed the sentiments of the parishioners who had eagerly awaited the completion of this project. The organ not only symbolizes a significant milestone in the history of St. Patrick’s but also stands as a testament to the power of community collabouration.

The dedication ceremony itself was attended by a congregation filled with joy and pride as they witnessed the culmination of years of hard work and dedication. The ambiance was further enriched by the resonating tones of the newly inaugurated organ, filling the church with a symphony that captivated the hearts of all present.

As the parishioners basked in the harmonious sounds, there was a collective sense of accomplishment and unity. The organ not only serves as a musical centrepiece, but also as a symbol of the vibrant and thriving community spirit that defines Parteen.

The historic Parteen church, dedicated to St. Patrick, provides the backdrop for this momentous occasion. Built between 1831 and 1835, the church stands as a testament to the enduring legacy of religious architecture in the region. The graceful structure, erected at a cost of £764, has been a spiritual haven for the Parteen community for many decades. As the newly inaugurated organ finds its place within the hallowed walls of this venerable establishment. It not only adds a melodious chapter to the church’s rich history but also pays homage to the enduring traditions and reverence associated with St. Patrick’s Church in Parteen.

The dedication of the new organ at St. Patrick’s in Parteen marks a significant chapter in the parish’s history. The successful collabouration of parishioners, led by dedicated individuals like Ms. Adam Shire, Mr Hanlon, and Mr Waterstone, showcases the strength of community bonds in realizing shared aspirations. As the organ continues to enrich the worship experience, it stands as a harmonious ode to the collective spirit of the people of Limerick.

Dublin Daily Express – Saturday 17 February 1912

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