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"Limerick Bids Farewell to Retiring Resident Magistrate E. F. Hickson with a Silver Tribute" |

“Limerick Bids Farewell to Retiring Resident Magistrate E. F. Hickson with a Silver Tribute”

In a graceful acknowledgment of his years of service, Mr E. F. Hickson, the recently retired Resident Magistrate for Limerick City and district, has received a distinguished gift from the Mayor, City, and County of Limerick. The present, a splendidly crafted silver entree piece, adorned with intricate chasing and engravings, stands as a tangible expression of the community’s appreciation for his dedicated tenure.

In a letter dated Saturday, Mr Hickson conveyed his gratitude to the Mayor for the thoughtful souvenir. He expressed that he would always cherish the many years spent in Limerick, highlighting the immense pride and satisfaction he derived from his amicable and supportive relationship with the Limerick magistrates.

Mr Hickson reflected on the positive camaraderie he shared with the magistrates, characterizing their interactions as notably friendly and cordial. He attributed the success of his tenure as Resident Magistrate to the cohesive and loyal support he received from his fellow magistrates. This collabourative effort, as acknowledged by the Mayor, played a pivotal role in the effective administration of the law during Mr Hickson’s tenure.

The silver entrée piece, a symbol of the community’s esteem, serves as a testament to Mr Hickson’s impactful contributions to the legal landscape in Limerick. His legacy, marked by a commitment to justice and harmonious working relationships, leaves an indelible mark on the city and district.

As Mr Hickson transitions into retirement, he does so with a sense of fulfilment, having cultivated lasting connections within the Limerick legal community. The Mayor, on behalf of the City and County of Limerick, extends best wishes to Mr Hickson in his well-deserved retirement, acknowledging the invaluable role he played in upholding the principles of justice in the region.

The presentation of the silver entrée piece stands as a poignant moment, recognizing a distinguished career and celebrating the bonds of camaraderie that have defined Mr Hickson’s time in Limerick. The residents of Limerick join in expressing their appreciation for his service, wishing him a retirement filled with contentment and the knowledge that his contributions will be remembered fondly in the annals of Limerick’s legal history.

Dublin Daily Express – Tuesday 05 March 1912

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