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Limerick County Committee Urged to Explore Local Coal Resources |

Limerick County Committee Urged to Explore Local Coal Resources

In a significant development at the recent County Committee for Agriculture and Technical Instruction meeting in Limerick, Ireland, a delegation from the Land and Labour Association pressed for action on exploring the potential coal mine in Ballybrood. The chairman, Lord Emily, chaired the meeting where Messrs. Ml. Ryan, Wm. Hickey, and T. Broderick, represented the association’s interests.

The delegation, led by Mr Ml. D.C., addressed the committee, putting forward a resolution requesting the committee to urge the Department of Agriculture to send experts to investigate the coal deposits in Ballybrood. Mr D.C. emphasized that the Association had been aware of the presence of coal in Ballybrood for the past decade. Contrary to assumptions related to the current coal crisis, the Association had focused on this matter as part of a broader effort to secure Ireland’s independent fuel supply.

During the Land and Labour Association’s meeting on the preceding Saturday, it was decided to approach the County Committee with this request. Mr D.C. clarified that their objective was not to burden the committee with extensive responsibilities but simply to seek a letter from them to the Department, urging them to dispatch experts for a thorough examination. The association aims to contribute to Ireland’s energy security in the future.

Mr Winter expressed agreement with Mr D.C.’s proposal to communicate with the Department. Following further discussions, Father Canty proposed that the committee should accede to Mr Ryans request, deeming it important. He highlighted that the Department had conducted coal tests in various locations, making it pertinent to request a similar investigation in Ballybrood. Mr Quinlan seconded the proposal.

Lord Emily, acknowledging unanimous support, stated, “We are all agreed on the subject.” Consequently, the committee unanimously decided that the secretary would write to the Department, formally requesting the dispatch of an expert to conduct thorough soundings and bearings for the potential coal supply in Ballybrood.

This proactive step by the Limerick County Committee reflects a commitment to exploring local resources to address Ireland’s energy needs. As the global energy landscape evolves, local initiatives such as these underscore the importance of self-sufficiency in fuel production. The collabouration between the Land and Labour Association and the County Committee signals a collective effort to secure a sustainable energy future for the region.

This move aligns with a broader national objective to reduce dependence on external sources and establish a reliable domestic energy supply. As the Department of Agriculture considers this request, it marks a pivotal moment for Ballybrood and, potentially, other regions in Limerick with coal reserves. The outcome of the expert investigation could significantly impact Ireland’s energy strategy and contribute to long-term resilience in the face of global energy challenges.

The committee’s decision to pursue this exploration reflects a proactive approach to addressing potential energy sources within their jurisdiction. The impact of this decision will unfold as the Department of Agriculture responds to the committee’s request, shedding light on the viability of Ballybrood’s coal deposits and their potential contribution to Ireland’s energy portfolio.

Weekly Freeman’s Journal – Saturday 06 April 1912

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