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Limerick Resounds with Calls for Irish Nationality |

Limerick Resounds with Calls for Irish Nationality

In a momentous gathering at Limerick, Ireland, Mr Gubbins, Chairman of the Limerick County Council, fervently proposed a resolution that echoed the sentiments of the Irish people. The assembly, deemed the mightiest and most representative on Irish soil, resonated with cheers as Mr Gubbins articulated the profound desire for Irish Nationality.

The resolution put forth at this historic meeting declared an unalterable commitment to the principle of Irish Nationality. It asserted that no settlement of the Irish question could be deemed satisfactory or final unless it paved the way for full self-government for Ireland. The crux of this self-government lay in the establishment of an Irish Parliament, complete with a responsible Executive dedicated to managing purely Irish affairs.

The resolution further pledged unwavering support to every possible means aimed at securing a just settlement for Ireland. The key to this settlement, as emphasized in the resolution, lay within the provisions of the Home Rule Bill. The introduction of this bill by the responsible Government of the day was welcomed as the herald of a new era of peace and concord between Great Britain and Ireland.

Mr Gubbins, in passionately proposing the motion, urged the attendees to stand firmly behind the Irish Party. He conveyed that by doing so, Ireland would undoubtedly emerge as a sovereign nation within the next few years. The optimism in his words resonated with the gathered crowd, creating an atmosphere charged with hope and determination, as evidenced by the resounding cheers.

The resolution reflects the enduring commitment of the Irish people to the cause of self-governance and national identity. Limerick, with its rich history and cultural significance, became the backdrop for this proclamation of unity and determination. The meeting showcased the strength of the collective will to shape Ireland’s future and emphasized the significance of the Home Rule Bill in achieving these aspirations.

As discussions unfolded under the shadow of the Limerick skyline, the attendees expressed a shared belief in the inevitability of Ireland emerging as a nation. The call for full self-government, rooted in the establishment of an Irish Parliament, resonated as a beacon of hope for those who longed to see Ireland assert its autonomy.

The resolution encapsulates the spirit of the meeting and sends a clear message to the broader political landscape. Ireland, through the voices and declarations made in Limerick, asserts its unwavering commitment to a just settlement that aligns with the principles of the Home Rule Bill.

Limerick, presently, stands not just as a geographic location but as a symbol of the Irish spirit, resilience, and the quest for self-determination. The echoes of Mr Gubbins’ speech and the resounding cheers that followed serve as a testament to the profound historical significance of this assembly in shaping Ireland’s destiny.

Weekly Freeman’s Journal – Saturday 06 April 1912

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