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LIMERICK: Appointment of Rev. T. A. P. Hackett as Archdeacon |

LIMERICK: Appointment of Rev. T. A. P. Hackett as Archdeacon

In a recent announcement, the Right Rev. Dr Orpen, Bishop of Limerick, revealed the appointment of the Rev. T. A. P. Hackett, M.A., D.D., as the new Archdeacon of the diocese. This significant position became vacant following the passing of the late Edward Gabbett, and Archdeacon Hackett’s selection has been met with approval from various quarters.

Archdeacon Hackett brings a wealth of experience to his new role, having dedicated 35 years to the ministry. The majority of this time, precisely 32 years, was spent serving in the Limerick diocese. His journey began in 1877 when he was ordained, and after three years in Coleraine, he made his way to Limerick in 1880. The initial years saw him appointed to the rectorship of Newcastle West.

In 1883, he assumed the rectorship of Kilmallock, a position he held steadfastly until 1910. It was during this period that, upon the resignation of the late Archdeacon Wynne, he was entrusted with the responsibilities of the rectorship at St. Michael’s Parish in Limerick. Throughout his tenure, Archdeacon Hackett has been acknowledged for his dedicated service, contributing significantly to the diocese’s spiritual growth.

One of his notable roles is his representation as Canon in St. Patrick’s National Cathedral, an acknowledgment of his standing within the clergy. This additional responsibility further underscores the respect and trust placed in Archdeacon Hackett by the ecclesiastical community.

The news of his appointment as Archdeacon has been met with enthusiasm by numerous friends and acquaintances in the city and county of Limerick. Archdeacon Hackett’s long-standing commitment to the diocese, coupled with his extensive experience, positions him well to contribute positively to the continued growth and development of the Church in Limerick.

As he assumes this new role, Archdeacon Hackett brings with him a rich history of service, a testament to his dedication to the ministry and the people of Limerick. The diocese looks forward to his leadership and the guidance he will provide in this esteemed position.

In conclusion, the appointment of Rev. T. A. P. Hackett as the new Archdeacon is a significant development in the ecclesiastical landscape of Limerick. The diocese, buoyed by the collective support of the community, anticipates a continued era of spiritual growth under his guidance.

Dublin Daily Express – Monday 06 May 1912

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