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Limerick Tenor Joseph O'Mara to Launch Opera Company |

Limerick Tenor Joseph O’Mara to Launch Opera Company

In a notable move, renowned tenor Mr Joseph O’Mara has announced plans to establish his opera company in the early autumn. With a wealth of experience in the opera scene, both in London and across the provinces, O’Mara’s venture is anticipated to bring a fresh and captivating dimension to the world of English opera.

The new company, centred in Limerick, Ireland, is already shaping up to be a formidable force in the realm of musical arts. O’Mara is assembling a cast of exceptionally talented artists, many of whom have earned accolades for their remarkable achievements in the field of opera. These seasoned performers, familiar with the stages of London and beyond, are set to return to the scenes of their previous triumphs under O’Mara’s guidance.

Being an English opera ensemble, the company’s line-up will consist of British artists, carefully chosen from both the homeland and the Colonies. South Africa is contributing a young baritone, whose exceptional voice promises to be a notable addition to the company. Meanwhile, New Zealand offers a contralto, a pupil of the renowned Marchesi and Melba. Endowed with a superbly resonant and powerful voice, this young and enthusiastic artist, having received much esteemed approval, is expected to embark on a promising career.

Accompanying O’Mara on this musical journey is a meticulously selected ensemble, featuring a chorus, ballet, and orchestra. The capable direction of Mr Harrison Frewin, whose recent successful arrangement of the Elijah for the operatic stage has garnered acclaim, ensures that the artistic elements are poised for a harmonious collabouration.

This venture marks a significant step forward for Joseph O’Mara, whose extensive experience on the operatic stage uniquely positions him to lead such an ambitious undertaking. The establishment of this opera company not only reflects O’Mara’s dedication to the art form but also presents an exciting opportunity for both the performers and the audience alike.

As the early autumn approaches, anticipation builds for the inauguration of the O’Mara Opera Company, set to captivate audiences and contribute to the vibrant cultural landscape of Limerick and beyond.

Dublin Daily Express – Monday 06 May 1912

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