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Limerick Clergy and Ancient Order of Hibernians Clash Over Funeral Protocol |

Limerick Clergy and Ancient Order of Hibernians Clash Over Funeral Protocol

Limerick, Wednesday – Tensions have arisen in Limerick following a dispute between local clergy, led by the Very Rev. Monsignor Hallinan, and the Ancient Order of Hibernians regarding their participation in a funeral procession.

The conflict stems from a statement suggesting that the Ancient Order of Hibernians attended a funeral in Monsignor Hallinan’s parish without proper authorization. In response, Monsignor Hallinan deems it necessary to provide further details to clarify the situation.

According to Monsignor Hallinan, he had previously informed the County President of the Order that members would not be permitted to attend funerals as a group, wearing their insignia, without his explicit permission. He emphasized that any reference to him without his consent would not be tolerated. Moreover, he clarified it that clergy would not participate in any funeral procession where such conditions were violated.

In the aftermath of this communication, Monsignor Hallinan received a letter from the President of the Ancient Order of Hibernians, asserting the Order’s authority in the matter. The President claimed that the actions taken were in accordance with the obligations of the Order, and regretted that he could not accede to Monsignor Hallinan’s requests.

Despite this, members of the Ancient Order of Hibernians attended the funeral in question, forming a procession against the objections of the present clergy. In response to their persistence, Monsignor Hallinan chose not to attend the funeral.

This incident has sparked broader questions raised by Monsignor Hallinan. He queries whether there is a binding obligation for members of the Ancient Order of Hibernians to attend Communion in a group at their parish church or any other church. Additionally, he questions whether such an obligation extends to forming processions during funerals, even in the face of opposition from local clergy.

The Very Rev. Monsignor Hallinan maintains that the circumstances warrant a discussion on the principles at play, given their high and far-reaching consequences. He poses these questions as fair and reasonable, seeking clarity on the obligations that members of the Ancient Order of Hibernians are expected to uphold, especially when conflicting with the objections of the local clergy.

As this dispute unfolds in Limerick, it highlights the delicate balance between religious traditions and organizational obligations, prompting a broader conversation about the intersection of faith and communal practices within the community.

Dublin Daily Express – Thursday 30 May 1912

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