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Limerick Workhouse Sanatorium: A Vital Proposal Gains Episcopal Support |

Limerick Workhouse Sanatorium: A Vital Proposal Gains Episcopal Support

In a significant development tied to the efforts of the Limerick Guardians in establishing facilities adjacent to the Limerick Workhouse, a crucial letter from the Most Rev. Dr O’Dwyer, the revered Bishop, was presented during the board’s recent meeting. This correspondence outlined the Bishop’s perspective on the matter, emphasizing its paramount importance and potential impact on public welfare.

Acknowledging the gravity of the situation, His Lordship expressed his belief that the proposed undertaking was not only of the highest importance but also a matter of great urgency. Dr O’Dwyer underscored the need for prompt action and collabouration to address what he deemed a crucial question facing the community.

In the letter, the Bishop extended an offer of assistance from his side, provided that the Guardians decided to move forward with the initiative within the next three weeks. His Lordship emphasized his willingness to contribute in any way possible to ensure the successful realization of the project.

However, Dr O’Dwyer urged against any unnecessary delay in initiating the process. He suggested that the Committee, responsible for overseeing this endeavour, should not postpone their actions. To expedite matters, the Bishop proposed involving the Reverend A. Murphy, P.P., Chaplain to the Workhouse, as a key representative to collabourate closely with the Committee.

The Board, recognizing the significance of the Bishop’s insights, promptly directed the Clerk to extend invitations to Father Murphy and Sir Ales W. Shaw, seeking their cooperation in advancing the proposed scheme. This collabourative approach, involving both ecclesiastical and civic figures, reflects a concerted effort to ensure the success of this vital project.

The proposed Limerick Workhouse Sanatorium holds promise as a facility that could significantly contribute to the well-being of the community. Dr O’Dwyer’s endorsement adds a layer of importance and credibility to the initiative, further emphasizing the need for a united and expeditious effort.

As discussions and plans unfold in the coming weeks, the collabouration between the Limerick Guardians, Father Murphy, and Sir Ales W. Shaw will likely play a pivotal role in shaping the future of this project. The community watches with anticipation as this important endeavour takes shape, with the goal of enhancing public health and welfare in the region.

Freeman’s Journal – Thursday 09 May 1912

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