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Tragic Incident Unfolds in Limerick as Fisheries Inspector Takes His Own Life |

Tragic Incident Unfolds in Limerick as Fisheries Inspector Takes His Own Life

Kilrush, Monday – A sombre mood hangs over the picturesque Kilrush suburb of Cappagh, as the community grapples with the shocking news of the apparent suicide of Captain Frederick Hall, a fisheries’ inspector under the Board of Conservators at Limerick. The unfortunate incident unfolded in the early hours of Sunday morning at Cappagh Lodge, Captain Hall’s residence.

Captain Frederick Hall, who had recently relocated to the area in pursuit of his work as a fisheries’ inspector, was found deceased in his bed, having succumbed to a self-inflicted gunshot wound from a six-chamber revolver. The news sent ripples of sorrow throughout the region, leaving residents in disbelief.

The tragic discovery was made by a child named Cissie Baugh, an intelligent and prepossessing girl whom Captain Hall had adopted. Cissie, who had been living with him for several years, went to call her master on Sunday morning only to find him lifeless in his bed. The authorities were alerted immediately, but it was unfortunately too late to save Captain Hall.

Captain Hall, a member of the landed class and with a commission in the army, had been supervising fisheries in both the upper and lower waters of the Shannon for numerous years. His recent move to Cappagh was in line with his responsibilities as a fisheries’ inspector.

A tragic coincidence adds a layer of poignancy to this event. Just three months ago in Limerick City, at Ballinacurra, a young housekeeper under Inspector Hall’s care lost her life in a revolver accident while playfully attempting to take the weapon from him. The recent tragedy appears to have weighed heavily on Captain Hall’s mind, according to statements from his acquaintances.

The inquest conducted by Coroner Lillis at Cappagh Lodge on Monday shed light on the circumstances surrounding Captain Hall’s death. The deceased was found in an upper room, reclined on his bed with a light-grey lounge coat on, a six-chamber service revolver near his right hand. The police pointed out a bullet-mark in the region of the heart, indicating the cause of death.

Dr John F. Houlihan provided medical testimony, revealing that Captain Hall had a history of heart issues and insomnia. Recent events, including the tragic incident in Ballinacurra, had likely contributed to a disturbed mental state. Captain Hall’s sister-in-law, Mrs. Courcy Ireland, confirmed in her testimony that he had been suffering from insomnia and had been greatly affected by recent events, including the sudden death of Mr Howard, the Secretary of the Board of Conservators.

Despite the efforts of the authorities, no conclusive evidence emerged regarding whether Captain Hall’s death was accidental or deliberate. The jury, after an hour of deliberation, recorded a verdict that Captain Hall died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound but could not determine the intent behind the act. In a rider, they expressed sympathy to the relatives, acknowledging the profound sorrow that has befallen them.

The entire community is now left to grapple with the aftermath of this tragedy, reflecting on the mental toll that such events can take, even on those in positions of responsibility and authority.

Weekly Freeman’s Journal – Saturday 08 June 1912

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