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High Hopes for Limerick Aviator as Desmond Arthur Unveils New Monoplane |

High Hopes for Limerick Aviator as Desmond Arthur Unveils New Monoplane

In an exciting development for aviation enthusiasts in Limerick, Ireland, Mr Desmond Arthur has unveiled his latest creation – a cutting-edge monoplane manufactured by Bristol. The monoplane, marked as the ‘DA 13 P,’ made its way to Dublin on the Bristol boat, where Mr Arthur, a resident of Glenomera, just seven miles away from Limerick, shared insights about his ambitious project.

In an exclusive interview, Mr Arthur expressed his anticipation as he gears up for a competition scheduled for the upcoming Saturday. The monoplane boasts an impressive top speed of 93 miles per hour and has undergone rigorous testing, proving its mettle in various conditions. Mr Arthur, who previously collabourated with Cecil Grace, has now taken the reins of experimentation into his own hands, achieving the feat of being the first Irish aviator to soar through the skies.

Notably, Mr Arthur’s journey into aviation began around two years ago during the Leopardstown exhibition, where he partnered with Cecil Grace. However, recent developments have seen him carve his own path in the field, yielding commendable results. His passion for flying and dedication to innovation have culminated in the creation of the DA 13 P, a specially constructed monoplane that promises an exhilarating experience for both the pilot and onlookers.

The monoplane, shrouded in secrecy beneath an expansive canvas cover, exudes an air of anticipation. Arthur revealed that the aircraft underwent testing on Salisbury Plain before making its journey to Ireland, ensuring that it is finely tuned for the upcoming event.

Post the Saturday competition, Mr Arthur has plans to showcase his creation in an exhibition in Limerick, bringing the marvels of aviation closer to the local community. This move is expected to not only captivate aviation enthusiasts but also inspire the younger generation to take an interest in aeronautics.

Support for Mr Arthur’s endeavours extends beyond the realm of enthusiasts. Mr J.C. Percy, J.P., who inspected the grounds at Belmont, praised the meticulous arrangements made by Mr H. Graham, the Irish aeronaut, for the event. Mr Percy commended the commitment displayed and highlighted the presence of distinguished figures, including the Lord Mayor of Belfast, Mr R.J. Kilfordie, at the event venue.

The Aero Club, despite facing a setback due to Mr Edward White’s temporary illness, remains optimistic about the unfolding events. White’s improving health brings a ray of hope, emphasizing the resilience and collabourative spirit within the aviation community.

As the aviation spectacle approaches, all eyes are on Limerick, eagerly awaiting the unveiling of Mr Desmond Arthur’s monoplane. The anticipation is palpable, and the event promises to be a testament to Ireland’s growing influence in the field of aviation.

Irish Independent – Thursday 05 September 1912

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