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Limerick Faces Criticism Amidst Controversial Statements by Local Priest |

Limerick Faces Criticism Amidst Controversial Statements by Local Priest

Limerick, Ireland – In a recent letter to the local paper, the Rev. J. Gleeson, a prominent figure in the community, has criticized both the Irish Party and the Molly Hibernian Order, stirring controversy in the region.

Expressing his discontent with the Irish Party’s approach, Father Gleeson lamented their failure to pressure the government into allocating funds for the purchase of ranches, claiming that they do not adequately represent the interests of the farmers. The letter suggests a growing frustration with the perceived lack of advocacy for the agricultural community in Limerick.

The priest, known for his outspoken views, did not stop there. He directed strong words towards the Molly Hibernian Order, a society that claims to embody the Catholic spirit. Father Gleeson highlighted a contradiction in their principles, citing the commandment to “love your enemies” while accusing the society of promoting a more aggressive stance, stating, “The spirit of the ‘Molly Order’ was proclaimed at Limerick: ‘We will be terror to our enemies.'”

He went on to express concerns about the impact of such societies on the broader political landscape. Father Gleeson believes that the Molly Hibernians’ existence poses a serious obstacle to Home Rule, fostering Orange bigotry in the North. In his view, open dialogue and the cessation of secret societies would be more conducive to fostering goodwill between North and South.

The priest’s letter touched on the broader implications of secret societies, suggesting that they hinder the progress of Home Rule and create unnecessary divisions. He urged fellow Irishmen to adopt open methods and denounced secret societies, advocating for transparency and unity instead.

Father Gleeson also referenced statements made by Mr T. M. Healy at the Cork Convention, revealing alarming plans by the Molly Hibernians to bestow deaneries and bishoprics in dioceses in Ulster. This revelation raises questions about the influence and intentions of the society within the Catholic Church, creating further unease in the community.

The letter has sparked a heated debate in Limerick, with residents divided over Father Gleeson’s views. Some applaud his courage in addressing sensitive issues, while others criticize him for airing grievances publicly. The controversy surrounding the Irish Party and the Molly Hibernian Order adds a layer of complexity to the ongoing discussions about the region’s political and social landscape.

As Limerick navigates these controversies, the community finds itself at a crossroads, grappling with questions of representation, political influence, and the role of secret societies in shaping the future of the region.

Dublin Daily Express – Tuesday 01 October 1912

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