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"Triennial Elections Ensure Continuity in Limerick Leadership Amidst Ongoing Fishing Concerns" |

“Triennial Elections Ensure Continuity in Limerick Leadership Amidst Ongoing Fishing Concerns”

Limerick, Ireland – The recent triennial elections in the Limerick Fishery District have concluded with an air of continuity as incumbent members secured re-election in uncontested races, showcasing stability and confidence in the existing leadership.

In the Limerick B. Division, which stretches from Foynes to the mouth of the Mullaire River, the election proceedings were overseen by Mr H. B. Alton, secretary to the Board, at the Record Court, Limerick. Nomination submissions were accepted within a three-hour window, resulting in the reaffirmation of the current representation. A. K. Bannatyne of Glen Bevan, Croom; Michael McInerney of Lock May, Limerick; Wm. N. Welply of Corbally, Limerick; John Glynn of Newtown, Clarina; R. R. Ballingal of Boolobally, Adare, and A. Blood-Smyth of 47 George Street, Limerick, faced no opposition, securing their positions for another term.

Similarly, in the tidal electoral division of the Limerick District, Mayor Leslie, D.L., Tarbert; Thomas McCarthy Windle, Tarbert; Thomas E. Glin; Michael Kileen, Kilrush; Bartholomew Culligan, J.P., Kilrush; and William Counihan, J.P., Kilrush, emerged victorious in uncontested races. The Courthouse in Glin, under the supervision of Mr P. C. McAuliffe, witnessed a smooth electoral process, further underscoring the prevailing confidence in the current administration.

The upper or fresh water electoral division mirrored the trend of uncontested elections, with C. James D. Crosbie, D.L., Ballyheigue; Michael J. Murphy of Brosna, and Dr John O’Halloran of Ballyhorgan securing their positions without facing any challengers.

The results of the triennial elections in the Limerick Fishery District signal a sense of stability and contentment among constituents. The absence of opposition to the incumbents suggests a level of satisfaction with the performance of the current leadership, reinforcing the notion that the community trusts in the ongoing efforts to manage and oversee the fisheries.

While the electoral process unfolded without the drama of contested races, the unopposed re-elections paint a picture of a community where the status quo is perceived positively. As the existing representatives continue their roles, the message from the electorate appears to be one of approval for the direction and management of fisheries within the Limerick district.

In the absence of challengers, the elected officials can now focus on the continued stewardship of the fisheries, addressing challenges, and working towards the sustainable development of this crucial sector. The uncontested nature of the elections may serve as a reflection of the success and effectiveness of the current leadership, creating an environment of trust and confidence among the residents of Limerick and its surrounding areas.

Dublin Daily Express – Wednesday 02 October 1912

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