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Limerick, Ireland – The city of Limerick witnessed a sombre yet dignified ceremony at St. Mary’s Convent of Mercy yesterday, as the community came together to pay their respects to Sister Mary Gertrude. The funeral service, marked by Solemn and High Mass, was a poignant moment for the Order of the Sisters of Mercy and the wider community.

Sister Mary Gertrude, a devout member of the religious order, passed away on Friday at Mount St. Vincent Convent. The news of her demise was met with a profound sense of loss, particularly among the sisters with whom she shared her life in service.

The late Sister Mary Gertrude hailed from a respected Limerick family, the O’Briens of South Hill. The city and its surrounding areas expressed heartfelt sympathy for the grieving family during this challenging time.

The journey of Sister Mary Gertrude’s remains began on Friday evening when they were transported to the Convent of Mercy on Mary Street. The atmosphere was one of quiet reverence as the community gathered to honour the departed nun.

Yesterday’s funeral service was presided over by His Lordship the Bishop, adding an extra layer of solemnity to the occasion. The liturgy included Solemn and High Mass, creating a sacred atmosphere befitting Sister Mary Gertrude’s dedication to her faith.

The Convent of Mercy’s burial ground became the final resting place for Sister Mary Gertrude. The ceremony, conducted with grace and respect, symbolized the community’s gratitude for her years of selfless service.

In the wake of her passing, tributes poured in from the city and beyond, acknowledging Sister Mary Gertrude’s unwavering commitment to the principles of the Sisters of Mercy. Her life, marked by a profound sense of duty and compassion, left an indelible impact on those she served.

As Limerick mourns the loss of one of its devoted daughters, the legacy of Sister Mary Gertrude will continue to resonate within the hearts of the community. The city remains united in its remembrance of a life well-lived and a soul dedicated to the pursuit of goodness and mercy.

The funeral of Sister Mary Gertrude stands as a testament to the deep bonds of faith and community that define Limerick. In bidding farewell to a noble sister, the city honours not only an individual but also the values that bind its people together in times of joy and sorrow.

Freeman’s Journal – Tuesday 28 January 1913

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