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LIMERICK – In recent days, there has been a growing movement advocating for the reinstatement of an evicted tenant and her family to a property on the Parnell estate in Ballyclough (Image), near Limerick. On Sunday, the momentum behind this cause reached a new height as a public meeting was convened on the contested land, bringing attention to the plight of Mrs. Laffan and her family.

The property in question is currently under the occupation of the Limerick Golf Club, but it is rumoured that they may not retain occupancy due to the low-lying nature of the grounds. The eviction of the Laffans occurred approximately two decades ago, prompting recent efforts to engage the Estates Commissioners in discussions about the potential restoration of the family to their former home.

A significant turn of events unfolded on Sunday when a contingent from Limerick, accompanied by individuals from various districts, gathered at Ballyclough for the scheduled meeting. However, their plans were thwarted upon arrival as District Inspector Craig, along with a contingent of around thirty constables, were already present and prepared to enforce the authorities’ directives to prevent any assembly.

Despite appeals made to the District Inspector, the organizers were informed that no meeting would be allowed. Efforts to proceed with the gathering were met with resistance, and it became evident that the authorities were prepared to take necessary measures to ensure compliance. Consequently, the planned meeting had to be cancelled.

The evicted tenant, Mrs. Laffan, and her family have become a focal point in the ongoing debate about land occupancy and property rights. The situation is complicated by the fact that part of the land is currently under the control of the Limerick Golf Club, which adds layers of complexity to any potential resolution.

The presence of law enforcement at the site indicates the seriousness with which authorities are approaching the matter. The clash between those advocating for the reinstatement of the Laffan family and the enforcement of existing directives highlights the tensions surrounding land issues in the region.

The next steps in this unfolding story remain uncertain. The Estates Commissioners, who have been approached for potential resolution, will play a pivotal role in determining the fate of Mrs. Laffan and her family. As the community in Limerick awaits a decision, the debate over property rights and social justice continues to simmer, with the outcome potentially setting a precedent for similar cases in the future.

Dublin Daily Express – Tuesday 17 December 1912

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