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Limerick Controversy Emerges: Debate Over Wellesley Swivel Bridge Replacement |

Limerick Controversy Emerges: Debate Over Wellesley Swivel Bridge Replacement

In a heated session at the Limerick Corporation meeting on Thursday night, discussions surrounding the replacement of the Wellesley Swivel Bridge dominated the agenda. Alderman J. O’Brien, deputizing for the Mayor, presided over the deliberations, which included a thorough examination of plans and designs submitted by the Harbour Commission for a permanent structure to replace the ageing bridge.

The focal point of the debate centred on a letter from the Mayor expressing his views on the matter. Adding to the complexity were letters from prominent figures, including opposition to the bill presented in Parliament by the Harbour Board. Notable figures expressing opposition included Alderman Joyce, MP..; P. J. O’Shaughnessy, MP..; T. Lundon, H.P.; W. Redmond, MP..; and Colonel Lynch, MP..

A significant resolution was passed, indicating a need for a special meeting to delve deeper into the intricacies of the proposal and its potential impact on the city. Mr Dalton’s motion, seconded by Mr O’Flynn, resulted in a decision that representatives of the Corporation on the Harbour Board who did not oppose the proposed structure be called upon to resign from their positions.

Freeman’s Journal – Saturday 14 December 1912

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