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LIMERICK FARM DISPUTE: Legal Proceedings Unfold in Horse-Shooting Case |

LIMERICK FARM DISPUTE: Legal Proceedings Unfold in Horse-Shooting Case

In a recent development within Limerick’s K Division, a legal saga unfolded at the courthouse as defendants Patrick Enright and John Normile faced charges related to the shooting of a horse. The courtroom, presided over by Magistrate T. MC. Wilson, listened attentively as the defence, represented by Mr T. MC. Wilson, sought leniency for the accused.

The charges stem from an incident on the 3rd of the current month when the defendants allegedly shot a horse named Denis with the intent to kill. The horse, under the care of Buckler, met its demise, leading to the subsequent legal proceedings.

During a special court session at Glin, the defendants found themselves committed for trial, facing the serious charge brought against them. Despite the defence’s plea for a swift resolution due to the defendants being farmers with imminent land-related responsibilities, the magistrate, Gerald Horan, stood firm in his decision.

The defence contended that a delay in the legal process could impact the defendants’ ability to tend to their lands in the coming months, a critical period for farmers. Expressing their willingness to provide substantial bail, totalling £300, the defence attempted to sway the court in favour of releasing the accused pending trial.

However, Gerald Horan, backed by Crown Solicitor Mr James Gaffney, raised objections to the defence’s plea, emphasizing the severity of the charges at hand. Horan cited the seriousness of the case, pointing to documentation that underscored the gravity of the allegations against the defendants.

In the face of these arguments, the magistrate remained steadfast, ultimately rejecting the defence’s motion for an expedited resolution. The decision ensures that the legal proceedings will continue, and the defendants will face trial at a later date.

The unfolding events in the courtroom underscore the complexities of the case and the legal intricacies involved. The accused farmers, Patrick Enright and John Normile, now await their trial, their fate hanging in the balance as the wheels of justice turn in Limerick.

Dublin Daily Express – Thursday 20 March 1913

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