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Limerick Matrimonial Case: Alimony Granted Amidst Claims of Cruelty |

Limerick Matrimonial Case: Alimony Granted Amidst Claims of Cruelty

In a legal proceeding heard today in the King’s Bench Division, a case centred in Limerick, Ireland, unfolded as Mrs. Anne Madden sought alimony pendent elite in the midst of her divorce application. The case, presided over by the Master of the Rolls, involved allegations of cruelty against her husband, a farmer residing in Ballywilliam near Rathkeale, Co. Limerick.

The application, brought forward on the 1st of February, was presented by Mr R. H. Cullinan, acting on behalf of Mrs. Anne Madden. The respondent, Mrs. Madden’s husband, filed his answer on the 25th of the same month. Notably, the respondent is reported to possess two farms totalling 48 acres in the rural vicinity.

During the proceedings, counsel for Mrs. Madden proposed that the respondent contribute 10 shillings per week as alimony. The Master of the Rolls considered this suggestion in the context of the case, carefully weighing the circumstances presented.

However, Mr R. F. Holmes, representing the respondent, countered the alimony request. Arguing against Mrs. Madden’s entitlement to financial support, Mr Holmes asserted that she had continued to cohabit with her husband even after the commencement of legal proceedings. This fact, he argued, indicated a lack of merit in her claim for alimony.

The Master of the Rolls probed further, seeking clarification on the current living arrangements between the estranged couple. Mr Holmes clarified that Mrs. Madden was no longer residing with her husband.

An additional point raised by Mr Holmes was the financial strain on the respondent. He highlighted the respondent’s obligation to pay charges on his land, amounting to £240 per year, emphasizing the financial constraints that would impede his ability to fulfil alimony payments.

Despite the counterarguments, the Master of the Rolls ruled in favour of Mrs. Anne Madden, granting the application for alimony. The decision mandated the respondent to pay ten shillings per week to his estranged wife, acknowledging the specific circumstances presented during the proceedings.

The legal developments in this matrimonial case underscore the complexities involved in divorce proceedings, especially when allegations of cruelty and financial considerations intersect. The ruling reflects a careful balance struck by the court, taking into account the specifics of the case and ensuring a fair resolution in the context of Limerick, Ireland.

Evening Herald (Dublin) – Wednesday 19 March 1913

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