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In a stunning athletic feat that echoes the prowess of his fellow Limerick man, William Real, Paddy Ryan of the Irish-American A.C. has shattered the world record in hammer throwing. Hailing from Pallasgreen in County Limerick, Ryan achieved a remarkable distance of 25 feet, marking a historic moment in the annals of this ancient sport.

The news of Ryan’s exceptional performance reached American exchanges this week, garnering attention and admiration from the athletic community worldwide. The achievement is particularly noteworthy given the longstanding record held by William Real since 1888, who threw the hammer a commendable 23 feet and 4 inches in Boston. Real’s legacy is honoured by the Gaels of the county, who erected a memorial in his memory within the churchyard where he rests.

Paddy Ryan’s roots in the picturesque landscapes of Pallasgreen add an extra layer of significance to his accomplishment. The small village in County Limerick has now produced not one but two world-class hammer throwers, cementing its reputation as a breeding ground for exceptional athletic talent.

The term “heaved,” as stated in American journals reporting on Ryan’s achievement, encapsulates the immense strength and technique required in the sport of hammer throwing. It is a testament to the dedication and training that athletes like Ryan invest in perfecting their craft, pushing the boundaries of human capability.

As news of the record-breaking throw reverberates through the global sporting community, attention is drawn to the niche but fiercely competitive world of hammer throwing. Limerick, with its rich athletic history, continues to carve its name into the record books, contributing to the legacy of Irish sportsmanship.

The parallel between Paddy Ryan’s accomplishment and the previous record set by William Real adds a poignant touch to the narrative. Both athletes share a common origin in Pallasgreen, creating a thread that weaves together the past and present of hammer throwing excellence in Limerick.

The resonance of this achievement extends beyond the realm of sports, serving as a source of pride for the people of Limerick and Ireland as a whole. Paddy Ryan’s triumph exemplifies the indomitable spirit and determination that characterizes athletes from this region, inspiring future generations to pursue greatness on the global stage.

In breaking the world record, Paddy Ryan not only etches his name in the annals of sports history but also reinforces Limerick’s standing as a powerhouse in the world of athletics. The hammer, once again, becomes a symbol of strength and resilience for this vibrant Irish community, echoing through the lush landscapes of Pallasgreen and beyond.

Evening Herald (Dublin) – Saturday 01 March 1913

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