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Limerick Athlete Paddy Ryan Breaks Records in American Competition |

Limerick Athlete Paddy Ryan Breaks Records in American Competition

Renowned Limerick athlete, Paddy Ryan, originally hailing from Pallasgreen, has been making waves on the international stage with his exceptional weight-throwing skills. The latest achievement in his illustrious career took place during a recent sports event at the Armoury on Franklin Street, 166th Street, New York.

Paddy Ryan, who had already made a name for himself in Ireland, faced off against compatriot Willie Real, also from Pallasgreen, in a gripping competition where he emerged victorious by outperforming Real in the 421lb weight category. This accomplishment added another feather to Ryan’s cap, further solidifying his reputation as an outstanding athlete.

The recent event at the Armoury showcased Paddy Ryan’s exceptional prowess once again. Competing in the 35lb weight category, Ryan not only secured a victory but also set a new record for the discipline. His throw covered an impressive distance of 20 feet and 9 inches, surpassing the previous best performance by more than a foot.

It is noteworthy that Paddy Ryan’s remarkable achievement in the 35lb weight category has eclipsed the record previously held by Con Walsh. Walsh’s record of 19 feet and 64 inches, set just a month before, was overtaken by Ryan’s exceptional throw during this competition.

Ryan’s success abroad not only reflects his dedication to the sport but also highlights the caliber of athletes emerging from Limerick and its surrounding areas. The region has a rich history of producing top-tier athletes who have excelled both nationally and internationally.

Paddy Ryan’s journey from Pallasgreen to the international stage serves as an inspiration for aspiring athletes in Limerick and beyond. His dedication, hard work, and consistent performance have not only brought glory to himself but have also placed Limerick on the map as a breeding ground for exceptional sporting talent.

While Ryan’s achievements are celebrated, it is essential to acknowledge the support and training infrastructure that has contributed to his success. The local sports community in Limerick, along with coaches and mentors, plays a pivotal role in nurturing talent and guiding athletes toward their full potential.

As Paddy Ryan continues to make headlines with his impressive performances, the people of Limerick take pride in his accomplishments, seeing him as a representative of the region’s sporting prowess. The news of his record-breaking throw in the 35lb weight category has sparked enthusiasm and pride among locals, further cementing the region’s reputation as a hub for athletic excellence.

In conclusion, Paddy Ryan’s recent triumph in the American competition has once again shone a spotlight on Limerick’s athletic prowess. As he continues to soar to new heights, his journey serves as a testament to the talent and dedication present in the region, leaving an indelible mark on the international stage.

Evening Herald (Dublin) – Saturday 10 May 1913

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