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Limerick Borough Council Plans Financial Support for New Bridge |

Limerick Borough Council Plans Financial Support for New Bridge

In a special meeting held on Thursday night, the Limerick Borough Council discussed the recent developments concerning the Fixed Bridge Bill. Mayor Alderman O’Donovan presided over the meeting, where it was revealed that a private meeting had taken place between the Council representatives and the Harbour Board.

The Fixed Bridge Bill, currently under consideration in Parliament, faced a setback as discussions between the Council and the Harbour Board proved inconclusive. Councillor Johnson proposed a resolution during the meeting, and upon a majority vote, it was decided that the Limerick Borough Council would take a significant step in the matter.

In a proactive move, the Council committed to contributing a portion of the necessary funds for the construction of a new bridge. This decision comes in response to the Harbour Board’s withdrawal of their Bill for the proposed bridge. The Council’s financial support is contingent upon the understanding that it will be part of a collabourative effort, complementing contributions from other stakeholders involved in the bridge project.

The specifics of the financial commitment were not disclosed during the meeting, but it was emphasized that the contribution would be substantial enough to facilitate the construction of the bridge in question. The offer from the Limerick Borough Council is extended without prejudice, signifying a willingness to cooperate with other entities involved in the project.

The Fixed Bridge, a focal point in recent local discussions, has drawn attention due to its strategic importance for the region. The bridge is expected to enhance connectivity, ease traffic congestion, and contribute to the overall development of the area.

The Limerick Borough Council’s decision reflects a commitment to regional progress and infrastructure development. By offering financial support, the Council aims to play a pivotal role in the realization of the Fixed Bridge project, which holds significance for both the local community and the broader region.

While the specific details of the collabourative efforts and funding distribution remain to be ironed out, the Council’s proactive stance signals a determination to address critical infrastructure needs in the region. The Fixed Bridge project, with the potential backing of the Limerick Borough Council, is poised to move forward, bringing positive implications for transportation and connectivity in the area.

The Council’s decision also underscores the importance of cooperation between public and private entities in addressing infrastructural challenges. As discussions continue and plans progress, the people of Limerick and surrounding areas will be closely watching the developments around the Fixed Bridge, anticipating positive changes to the local landscape and transportation networks.

Freeman’s Journal – Saturday 03 May 1913

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