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Limerick Poultry Stations Face Scrutiny Over Live Plucking Controversy |

Limerick Poultry Stations Face Scrutiny Over Live Plucking Controversy

In a recent annual meeting held in Limerick, the focus of discussion shifted towards the practices at the Limerick branch of the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA), particularly concerning live plucking of geese. Chaired by Mayor Alderman Donovan, the gathering addressed concerns raised by the announcement that the Irish Department of Agriculture had issued instructions to poultry station operators nationwide regarding this controversial practice.

The meeting, held yesterday afternoon, revealed that the Irish Department of Agriculture had sent explicit instructions to holders of poultry stations across the country, warning them that if live plucking were to continue, their licences would be revoked. This stern directive reflects the government’s stance on animal welfare and underscores the gravity of the issue.

Live plucking, a practice often associated with the production of down feathers, has come under increased scrutiny in recent years due to its ethical implications. The Limerick branch of the SPCA has been at the forefront of advocating for the humane treatment of animals, and their efforts have garnered attention from both local and national authorities.

During the meeting, Mayor Alderman Donovan presided over discussions on the annual report submitted by the Limerick branch of the SPCA. The report, presented by the Honourable Secretary, Mr Courtney Croker, U.L., highlighted the commendable work done by the organization throughout the year. However, it also delved into the contentious issue of live plucking, acknowledging that it remains a concern in certain poultry stations.

The report was unanimously adopted, signalling the collective agreement among attendees on the need for stringent measures to address the live plucking controversy. The Mayor, in his capacity, expressed his support for the SPCA’s efforts in safeguarding animal welfare within the region.

Live plucking involves the removal of feathers from birds while they are still alive, a process that can cause distress, pain, and harm to the animals. The SPCA, as a prominent advocate for the welfare of animals, has been working to raise awareness about such practices and lobby for stricter regulations to prevent cruelty.

The Mayor’s endorsement of the SPCA’s report reflects the local government’s commitment to addressing animal welfare concerns in Limerick. The potential cancellation of licences for poultry stations engaging in live plucking is a clear indication of the government’s determination to enforce ethical standards in the treatment of animals.

The controversy surrounding live plucking is not limited to Limerick alone; it is a nationwide concern that has prompted the Irish Department of Agriculture to take decisive action. By issuing directives to poultry station operators across the country, the government aims to curb the practice and ensure that the welfare of animals is prioritized in the agricultural sector.

As discussions continue on a national level regarding the ethical treatment of animals in various industries, Limerick stands as a focal point in the ongoing dialogue. The SPCA’s efforts, backed by local authorities, contribute to the larger conversation about the need for stricter regulations and increased awareness surrounding the treatment of animals in Ireland.

In conclusion, the annual meeting in Limerick highlighted both the commendable work of the SPCA and the pressing issue of live plucking in poultry stations. With the unanimous adoption of the SPCA’s report and the government’s stern directives to address the matter, the region is taking steps towards ensuring the ethical treatment of animals, setting a precedent for similar discussions nationwide.

Dublin Daily Express – Monday 05 May 1913

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