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Limerick Responds with Generosity in the Wake of Tragedy |

Limerick Responds with Generosity in the Wake of Tragedy

In the aftermath of a devastating fire that claimed lives in Limerick, the community has rallied together to provide support for the grieving families. A public meeting convened by the Mayor was held yesterday to initiate a fund aimed at assisting the relatives of the victims.

The Mayor, addressing the concerned citizens, expressed confidence in the community’s inherent generosity. He remarked that Limerick has consistently demonstrated a spirit of benevolence when called upon to assist in deserving cases. During the meeting, the Mayor conveyed the city’s collective sympathy to the bereaved families and lauded the heroism displayed by Mr J. Ledden and Mr I. Griffin. These individuals, at great personal risk, managed to rescue two lives during the tragic incident.

Mr P. E. Bourke, J.P., moved a motion that found unanimous support among those present, leading to the decision to establish a fund for the victims’ relatives. The fund will be under the administration of Mr M. O’Callaghan as the appointed secretary and Mr C. McDonnell as the treasurer. The response from the community was immediate and substantial, with attendees at the meeting contributing generously to alleviate the suffering of the affected families.

The Most Rev. Dr O’Dwyer demonstrated solidarity by sending a cheque for ten guineas to contribute to the relief fund. This gesture exemplifies the broader support the community is extending to those facing the hardships resulting from the tragic incident.

A vote of condolence was passed during the meeting, expressing the community’s heartfelt sympathies to the relatives of the deceased. Furthermore, a resolution was unanimously adopted, highlighting and commending the heroism of Mr J. Ledden and Mr I. Griffin. The resolution recommends their actions to the attention of the Carnegie Hero Fund, underscoring the remarkable courage displayed in the face of adversity.

As the meeting progressed, a committee was formed to oversee additional arrangements related to the fund and its disbursement. This committee, composed of community members dedicated to supporting their neighbours in times of need, will play a crucial role in ensuring that the relief efforts are comprehensive and well-coordinated.

The tragedy has not only united the citizens in grief but has also brought forth a collective determination to provide meaningful support to those affected. The establishment of the fund and the subsequent outpouring of contributions underscores the resilience and compassion that define Limerick as a community.

In the coming days, the committee will work diligently to streamline the fund’s operations and ensure that every contribution reaches its intended recipients. As the community copes with the aftermath of the fire, Limerick’s response serves as a testament to the strength of unity in times of adversity, reflecting the indomitable spirit that characterizes this close-knit city.

Irish Independent – Friday 04 April 1913

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