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Limerick's Heroic Lifesaver, William Madden, to be Honoured for 36 Rescues |

Limerick’s Heroic Lifesaver, William Madden, to be Honoured for 36 Rescues

In a touching tribute to one of its own, Limerick is gearing up to recognize the remarkable deeds of Mr William Madden, a local hero set to receive a testimonial for his unwavering commitment to saving lives. At the upcoming Corporation meeting on Monday, the Lord Mayor will present Mr Madden with a testimonial on behalf of the esteemed Royal Humane Society, acknowledging his astonishing feat of rescuing 36 individuals from drowning over the past two decades.

Hailing from 45 Lower Gardiner Street and employed by Messrs. S. N. Robinson, Mr Madden’s story unfolds as a testament to human courage and selflessness. Born 35 years ago in Limerick, he began his heroic journey in the city, where he already had saved 13 lives before leaving for a seafaring adventure.

After several years at sea, Mr Madden returned to his native Limerick, and it was here, on the Shannon at Groody, that he accomplished one of his most significant rescues. Pulling a child from the water nearly three miles from the shore, Mr Madden’s courage was acknowledged in 1905 when the Mayor of Limerick awarded him a Royal Humane Society medal and certificate, accompanied by 30 shillings.

Monday’s presentation is not the first time Mr Madden will be recognized for his heroics. In 1905, he received accolades for his gallant rescue of a young lad named Sweeney. On the 27th of October last year, while playing on the quays at Moss Street, Sweeney overbalanced and fell into the water. Without hesitation, Mr Madden, fully clothed, plunged in and successfully pulled the boy to safety. The prompt action resulted in Sweeney’s swift recovery at Jervis Street Hospital, allowing him to return home after just a day or so.

The upcoming presentation is a continuation of the Royal Humane Society’s acknowledgment of Mr Madden’s continued dedication to the safety of his fellow citizens. This time, the focus is on the recent rescue of young Sweeney, exemplifying Mr Madden’s consistent commitment to saving lives.

The ceremony on Monday is expected to draw attention from across the community, as Mr Madden’s bravery resonates with the residents of Limerick. It’s not just a recognition of one man’s courage; it’s a celebration of the community spirit that values the safety and well-being of its members.

As Limerick prepares to honour one of its own, the story of William Madden serves as an inspiration to others. His actions underscore the importance of water safety in a region surrounded by rivers, emphasizing the need for vigilance and quick thinking in emergency situations.

In a city steeped in history, Mr Madden’s tale adds a contemporary chapter, showcasing the resilience and humanity that define Limerick. The Corporation’s recognition of his selfless acts is a collective acknowledgment of the values that bind the community together, reminding everyone of the strength found in ordinary individuals who rise to extraordinary challenges.

Come Monday, the Lord Mayor’s presentation will not only celebrate Mr Madden’s heroism but also serve as a collective nod to the importance of community, compassion, and the enduring spirit of Limerick.

Evening Herald (Dublin) – Friday 04 April 1913

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