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Anglers along the Shannon River near Banagher are revealing in an exceptionally fruitful salmon season. The past week has seen a notable increase in catches, with several impressive specimens brought in by keen fishermen.

Mr Peter Monaghan stands out among the anglers, having successfully landed salmon averaging around 11 lbs. The dedication and skill exhibited by Mr Monaghan reflect the rewarding conditions present in the region for fishing enthusiasts. Additionally, O’Brien Brothers have also contributed to the success story, securing substantial catches that have added to the overall excitement among the local angling community.

One of the key highlights of the season is the remarkable “run” of peel in the river. The influx of peel, or young salmon, is proving to be unprecedented, setting a new record for the area in terms of both quantity and sporting appeal. Anglers are reporting a surge in activity, attributing the success to the favourable conditions in the water and the overall health of the river ecosystem.

Local fishermen and angling clubs have expressed their satisfaction with the current fishing conditions. The increased salmon population and the robust presence of peel promise a continued period of prosperity for the angling community in and around Limerick.

The Shannon River has long been regarded as a prime location for salmon fishing, and the recent developments only serve to enhance its reputation. The natural beauty of the surroundings coupled with the thriving aquatic life contributes to the allure of the region for both local and visiting anglers.

As the salmon season progresses, it is expected that more anglers will flock to the Shannon River to partake in the abundance of fishing opportunities. The local economy is likely to benefit from the influx of anglers, as tourism related to fishing has historically played a significant role in supporting businesses in the region.

In addition to the angling successes, the community is also witnessing a positive impact on the social aspect of fishing. Local anglers are coming together to share their experiences, techniques, and the thrill of their catches. This camaraderie fosters a sense of community spirit and further strengthens the bond among those who share a passion for the sport.

Environmental conservation efforts have been ongoing in the region to ensure the sustainability of the fishing ecosystem. Authorities and local organizations have implemented measures to protect and preserve the natural habitat of the salmon and other aquatic species, contributing to the overall health of the Shannon River.

In conclusion, the current salmon season on the Shannon River near Banagher is proving to be exceptional, with anglers experiencing remarkable success in their endeavours. The influx of salmon, particularly the abundant peel, has set a new standard for the region, reaffirming the Shannon’s status as a premier destination for fishing enthusiasts. As the season continues, the local community anticipates continued prosperity and the enjoyment of this cherished pastime along the picturesque waters of the Shannon.

Dublin Daily Express – Thursday 19 June 1913

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