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Limerick Jubilee Procession Draws Thousands in Display of Religious Fervour |

Limerick Jubilee Procession Draws Thousands in Display of Religious Fervour

Limerick, a city renowned for its religious pageants, recently witnessed an awe-inspiring spectacle as the Arch-Confraternity of the Holy Family celebrated its Jubilee with a grand procession. The city, known for having one of the world’s largest memberships in the Arch-Confraternity, saw over seven thousand devoted members, comprising men and boys, participating in this solemn event.

The grand procession unfolded as a remarkable demonstration of faith, discipline, and order. Thousands marched in a sectional formation, resonating sacred hymns and reciting the Rosary. Accompanied by bands playing celestial music, the devout members carried saintly banners, creating a truly spiritual and devotional atmosphere. The procession, a manifestation of religious fervour, garnered attention not only from the local population but also drew fifty to sixty thousand spectators, some arriving by special trains from neighbouring regions.

Under the meticulous guidance of key figures like the Reverend Father Mongon, C.S.B.R. (Spiritual Director of the Confraternity), Father Murphy, C.S.S.R. (Sub-Director), secretaries, marshals, orderlies, and prefects, the procession unfolded seamlessly. The observers were quick to commend the great order and discipline maintained throughout the vast Confraternity host.

The city adorned itself in celebration, with many streets adorned with bannerets and floral arrangements, enhancing the visual spectacle of the event. The meticulous planning and execution reflected the dedication of all those involved in making the Jubilee procession a memorable and spiritually enriching experience.

In anticipation of the upcoming Sunday procession, scheduled to take a different route, excitement is building. The procession will journey through Wolfe Tone street, Lord Edward street, Boherbuoy, Parnell street, Upper Gerald Griffin street, King Billy’s lane, John street, culminating at the Cathedral. The route will then proceed through Irishtown, John street, Baal’s Bridge, Sandmall, Ahearn’s row, to St. Mary’s Parish Church, and conclude at St. Joseph’s Church. This change aims to provide a fresh perspective and experience for participants and onlookers alike.

Congratulatory sentiments were expressed by Reverend Father Mangan during the weekly meetings of the Archconfraternity. He commended the members for their splendid display of religious fervour during the previous Sunday’s procession and acknowledged the aesthetically pleasing decorations along the route. Reverend Father Mangan believes that such devotion and effort will bring the blessings of Providence upon the city.

Efforts are underway to enhance the decorations for the upcoming procession, with plans for citywide illuminations at night. The community is actively engaging in preparations to make the event more memorable and spiritually significant.

In other news, the latest results from the literature barrow last Sunday showcased Thomas Frawley of Henry Street as the second-time winner of the second prize. Mr Keenan secured the third prize, while Michael J. O’Hea of Little Frederick Street claimed the special prize. The Reverend J. M‘Donnell, S.J., editor of the “Messenger of the Sacred Heart,” generously contributed recently published books as special prizes for the literary competition.

The upcoming Sunday’s literature barrow will be stationed in O’Connell street only, near the Augustinian Church, owing to the Jubilee procession. The special prize for the next Sunday’s competition will be “In the Lean Years” by Felicia Curtis. The literary events add another layer of cultural richness to the city’s Jubilee celebrations, providing a diverse range of activities for the community to engage with.

Evening Herald (Dublin) – Saturday 21 June 1913

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