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Limerick Mourns the Loss of Distinguished Jesuit Scholar, Rev. Vincent Naish, S.J. |

Limerick Mourns the Loss of Distinguished Jesuit Scholar, Rev. Vincent Naish, S.J.

In a solemn turn of events, the city of Limerick is grappling with the news of the passing of Reverend Vincent Naish, S.J., a distinguished Churchman and scholar. The Montreal Gazette reported on June 13th that Rev. Naish, aged 62, breathed his last at Moncton, N.B., succumbing to an illness that transpired over a brief three-day period.

The esteemed clergyman had travelled to Moncton to conduct a mission at St. Bernard’s Church alongside Rev. Father Gagnieur, S.P. Unfortunately, what began as a routine spiritual endeavour took a grave turn when Rev. Naish contracted a severe cold at the culmination of the spiritual exercises last Sunday. The cold swiftly developed into pneumonia, prompting his admission to the City Hospital on Monday. Despite the efforts of medical professionals, his health deteriorated rapidly, leaving little hope for recovery.

Rev. Naish, who remained conscious until his final moments, received dedicated care from Father G. Mar and members of St. Bernard’s parish. The community, still reeling from his recent ministrations, maintained a vigil over his body throughout the night at St. Bernard’s Church.

The funeral arrangements are set to take place at 1.30 this afternoon at St. Bernard’s Church, where the parishioners, joined by prominent citizens such as Peter McSweeney, W. B. Chandler, Hon. F. J. Sweeney, John Sutton, H. F. Hamilton, and John O’Neil, will bid farewell to the revered clergyman. The final journey will then proceed to the Intercolonial Depot, where the remains will be transported via the Ocean Limited for their journey to Montreal.

Born in Limerick and a brother of the late Lord Chancellor of Ireland, Rev. Naish, in his 62nd year, leaves behind a legacy of intellectual prowess and a deep commitment to his calling. After completing his studies in Ireland and England, he entered the Jesuit Order forty-three years ago. His missionary zeal led him to India, where he served as the Rector of the Jesuit College in Calcutta for five years. Subsequently, he undertook the role of Chaplain to the British Forces in the Himalayas for an additional eight years.

Rev. Naish’s multifaceted knowledge spanned theology, philosophy, and the sciences. His time in India saw him delving into exhaustive studies of various religions, particularly Buddhism and other Oriental faiths, establishing himself as an authority in these fields. Despite his scholarly pursuits, he distinguished himself primarily as a missionary.

Known for his powerful oratory, compelling arguments, and eloquent discourse, Rev. Naish’s missionary work in Canada became synonymous with his dedication to spreading the Catholic faith. Over the years, he addressed congregations in cities across the country, from the Atlantic to the Pacific, leaving an indelible mark on those who had the privilege of hearing him speak.

In the wake of his demise, Limerick reflects on the loss of a man of deep piety, unwavering conviction, and profound humility. Father Vincent Naish, S.J., may have departed this world, but his legacy as a missionary, scholar, and compassionate human being will undoubtedly endure in the hearts and minds of those he touched throughout his remarkable journey.

Freeman’s Journal – Friday 04 July 1913

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