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Limerick Corporation Protests Mail Diversion - Mayor and Alderman Appointed for All-Ireland Conference |

Limerick Corporation Protests Mail Diversion – Mayor and Alderman Appointed for All-Ireland Conference

LIMERICK – In a significant development, the Limerick Corporation has voiced strong opposition to the diversion of mails from Queenstown, appointing Mayor and Alderman Joyce, MP.. to represent the city at the upcoming All-Ireland Conference on the matter, convened by the Mayor of Dublin for the 10th instant.

Councillor M. Griffin, addressing the Corporation, emphasized the importance of the issue, asserting that it holds implications for the entire island. He argued that the diversion of tourist and passenger traffic from Queenstown would be highly detrimental to the country’s best interests. Moving a resolution against the actions of the company regarding Queenstown, Griffin also condemned the Postmaster-General for withholding crucial information from the House until Parliament was adjourning. This withholding, he claimed, deprived Irish members of the opportunity to scrutinize and possibly influence decisions that might impact Ireland.

Councillor Johnson seconded Griffin’s resolution, underscoring the need for the Conference to make it unequivocally clear that as long as an Irish port is in operation, efforts should be directed toward its retention. He stressed the importance of taking a stand against any actions that may lead to the loss of a crucial Irish port. Furthermore, he urged the delegation attending the Conference to emphasize that Limerick, being strategically positioned, should continue to play a vital role in the maritime trade and transportation network.

Alderman Joyce concurred, stating that the Corporation should not only safeguard Limerick’s interests but also consider the potential economic repercussions for the city. He remarked, “If Foynes were to become the chosen port, Limerick could witness an influx of goods and trade. We should be mindful not to drive trade away from Limerick.”

The discussion also touched upon the impact on nearby villages. Councillor O’Brien highlighted the positive effects of having mails brought in from Queenstown. He pointed out that this would not only benefit Limerick but also surrounding villages, as evident from the recent influx of a few loads of emigrants. Alderman Joyce clarified that while Foynes might have certain advantages, it was crucial to weigh the overall impact on Limerick and the surrounding region.

Councillor O’Connor expressed concern about the possible loss of jobs if the decision favoured Foynes. He questioned whether it was worth sacrificing the economic well-being of Limerick for the sake of a few loads of goods from Foynes.

The discussion showcased the complexity of the issue and the varied perspectives within the Corporation. The delegation appointed to the All-Ireland Conference is tasked with presenting Limerick’s stance and concerns, ensuring that the city’s interests are well-represented.

The All-Ireland Conference, scheduled for the 10th instant, is expected to bring together representatives from various regions to discuss the contentious mail diversion issue. Limerick’s participation underscores the significance of the matter for the city and its determination to protect its maritime interests. The outcome of the conference will undoubtedly have far-reaching implications for Limerick and other Irish ports, as stakeholders grapple with the delicate balance between economic considerations and the preservation of regional interests.

Dublin Daily Express – Saturday 06 September 1913

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