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LIMERICK DEMONSTRATION: Monsignor A. Ryan, P.P., V.G., Confirms Attendance |

LIMERICK DEMONSTRATION: Monsignor A. Ryan, P.P., V.G., Confirms Attendance

In response to an invitation from Mr Cornelius C. Cregan, Honorary Secretary of the recently formed Committee of the Limerick City Battalion of the National Volunteers, the Right Rev. Monsignor Arthur Ryan, P.P., V.G., of Tipperary, has confirmed his attendance at the upcoming great review and demonstration in Limerick on Sunday, December 20th.

The Limerick City Battalion of the National Volunteers has been actively preparing for this significant event, which has garnered immense attention and support from the local community. Monsignor A. Ryan’s acceptance of the invitation adds to the growing anticipation surrounding the demonstration.

In his response to Mr Cregan’s invitation, Monsignor Ryan expressed his deep honour at being part of this important occasion. He commended the dedication and enthusiasm of the committee members and individuals involved in organizing the event. The Monsignor also acknowledged Limerick’s historical significance in the struggle for Irish independence and its continued commitment to the cause.

Limerick, with its rich history and strong community spirit, has a proud tradition of playing a pivotal role in Ireland’s quest for freedom. Monsignor Ryan is confident that the demonstration on December 20th will be a testament to Limerick’s unwavering spirit and determination.

Quoting Pádraig Pearse, Monsignor Ryan stated, “Ireland unfree shall never be at peace,” highlighting the importance of continued efforts towards Irish freedom. He expressed his eagerness to join the fellow patriots in Limerick and emphasized the significance of unity and commitment to the cause.

As the date of the demonstration approaches, the people of Limerick and supporters from across Ireland are preparing to come together to demonstrate their solidarity and dedication to the Irish freedom movement. The event is expected to be a poignant reminder of the sacrifices made by those who have fought for Ireland’s independence throughout history.

With Monsignor A. Ryan’s confirmation, the Limerick demonstration on December 20th promises to be a momentous occasion that will further galvanize the Irish community’s resolve to see a free and sovereign Ireland in the future.

Weekly Freeman’s Journal – Saturday 21 November 1914

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