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Electric Power for All Ireland: Ambitious Scheme Unveiled in Limerick |

Electric Power for All Ireland: Ambitious Scheme Unveiled in Limerick

An ambitious project aiming to illuminate homes and energize industries across the entirety of Ireland has been revealed by engineer Mr McAndrew. The scheme, with its focal point in Limerick, entails harnessing the mighty waters of the Shannon River, with an estimated investment nearing £2,000,000.

In a recent interview with a correspondent from the “Partial Reporter” (Kilrush Edition), Mr McAndrew elabourated on the intricacies of the plan. Central to the initiative are the establishment of trunk lines radiating from the power source in Limerick, reaching towards key urban centres such as Dublin, Blackrock, Kingstown, and Bray. Further extensions are proposed towards Cork, Queenstown, Kilkenny, Waterford, and potentially other regions as the project unfolds.

Similarly, trunk lines originating from the Erne Power House are envisioned to connect vital hubs including Belfast, Derry, and Dundalk, via Enniskillen. The objective is to provide towns and factories situated along these routes with accessible and cost-effective electricity, facilitating manufacturing processes and enabling widespread illumination.

Mr McAndrew emphasised the robust financial backing behind the venture, citing support from prominent and influential stakeholders within the kingdom. Notably, he indicated that there are no immediate plans to seek public funding, with the capital investment ranging between one and two million pounds already secured. Expressing a personal sentiment, he advocated for Irish involvement in the project, highlighting its departure from conventional schemes that often exclude local stakeholders.

Addressing concerns regarding land acquisition, Mr McAndrew reassured that agreements have been swiftly reached with landowners, marking a remarkable departure from the usual bureaucratic hurdles. He disclosed that agreements for both the Northern and Southern regions were finalised in an unprecedented manner, paving the way for expedited progress without resorting to compulsory acquisition or arbitration.

The expedited resolution of land acquisition issues signifies a significant milestone, enabling project directors to proceed with implementation without undue delay. With all necessary agreements in place, Mr McAndrew expressed optimism regarding the immediate commencement of construction activities.

The unveiling of this ambitious scheme marks a significant step towards ensuring widespread access to electricity across Ireland, with Limerick poised to become a pivotal hub in the nation’s electrification journey. As plans materialise and construction commences, anticipation mounts for the transformative impact this initiative will have on Ireland’s economic and social landscape.

Dublin Daily Express – Friday 02 April 1915

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