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Limerick Residents Unite in Protest Against Proposed Liquor Trade Regulations |

Limerick Residents Unite in Protest Against Proposed Liquor Trade Regulations

In a fervent display of unity, residents of Limerick gathered at the Town Hall yesterday evening to voice their opposition to proposed regulations targeting the liquor trade. The public meeting, attended by a cross-section of the community, saw passionate speeches denouncing the potential repercussions of the Chancellor’s controversial proposals.

The Mayor expressed concerns that the Chancellor’s plans would spell ruin for the local trade and its associated businesses. He highlighted the detrimental impact such measures could have on the economy, particularly in regions like Limerick where the liquor trade plays a significant role.

Mr William Holliday, J.P., echoed these sentiments, emphasising that any punitive action should be targeted at specific offenders rather than penalising the entire industry. He argued that the proposed legislation would unfairly penalise law-abiding businesses and their employees.

The meeting culminated in a unanimous resolution demanding the withdrawal of the proposed regulations. Residents voiced fears that if implemented, these measures could not only jeopardise local livelihoods but also undermine Ireland’s economic stability.

Similar resolutions have been passed by other civic bodies across the country, including the Newry Vintners’ Association, the Derry Chamber of Commerce, and the Dundalk Board of Guardians, reflecting widespread opposition to the Chancellor’s proposals.

Dublin Daily Express – Tuesday 04 May 1915

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