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Nationalist Rally in Crecora, Co. Limerick Highlights Support for Irish Party and Opposition to Conscription |

Nationalist Rally in Crecora, Co. Limerick Highlights Support for Irish Party and Opposition to Conscription

A fervent demonstration of nationalist sentiment unfolded in Crecora, Co. Limerick, as locals gathered in solidarity to voice their support for the Irish Party and their staunch opposition to conscription. The meeting, which drew a substantial turnout including the esteemed presence of the local National Volunteers, was chaired by Mr Edmund Dempsey, fostering a platform for impassioned discourse and resolute declarations.

Amidst the assembly, Mr T. Lundon, Member of Parliament, delivered a stirring address that resonated deeply with attendees. Emphasizing the imperative of maintaining the National Organization’s vitality and vigour in contemporary times, Mr Lundon underscored the significance of upholding the Home Rule Act post-war, firmly stating his refusal to relinquish the keys of his constituency should this foundational principle be compromised.

Reflecting on Ireland’s substantial contribution to the war effort, Mr Lundon highlighted the sacrifice of Irish men, numbering over 136,000, who answered the call to arms. Drawing attention to the significant proportion of Irish enlistments in the British forces, Mr Lundon rebuffed critics who sought to diminish Ireland’s patriotic commitment, asserting the unequivocal fulfilment of duty by the nation’s farmers and sons alike.

In a pointed critique, Mr Lundon decried renewed hostility towards Irish representatives, lamenting the resurgence of antagonism within certain quarters, particularly towards members of the Royal Irish Constabulary. He urged unity in the face of adversity, rallying against divisive influences propagated by what he termed the “Yellow Press of Ireland”.

Addressing concerns surrounding conscription, Mr Lundon issued a stern admonition to young men contemplating evasion, cautioning against succumbing to fear and advocating steadfast resolve in the face of adversity. Expressing solidarity with political adversaries in their shared commitment to national service, Mr Lundon evoked a spirit of unity transcending ideological differences.

With anticipation of imminent electoral contests, Mr Lundon urged steadfast preparation, calling upon constituents to fortify the National Organization as a formidable bulwark against external pressures. Propelled by unwavering confidence in the leadership of Mr John Redmond and the Irish Party, attendees resolved to reaffirm their allegiance, pledging renewed support for their representatives.

In a unanimous gesture of solidarity, attendees passed a resounding resolution, vowing unwavering support for Mr Redmond and the Irish Party while pledging to reinvigorate their local branch of the United Irish League. The resolution, championed by Mr Patrick Punch and seconded by Mr James Kirby, served as a testament to the steadfast commitment of Crecora’s Nationalists to their cause and their representatives.

As the echoes of impassioned rhetoric faded, the rally left an indelible impression, underscoring the unwavering resolve of Limerick’s Nationalists in the face of adversity, whilst reaffirming their enduring commitment to the ideals of the Irish Party and the cause of Irish nationalism.

Freeman’s Journal – Tuesday 22 June 1915

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