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Bathing Fatality Occurs Near Limerick |

Bathing Fatality Occurs Near Limerick

A tragic incident unfolded near Limerick recently, resulting in a fatality. On a leisurely afternoon, a group of young boys ventured into the waters of the River Shannon, close to the Limerick and Ennis Railway Bridge. Among them was Patrick Bourke, aged 11, whose day of fun turned into a devastating loss as he tragically drowned during the outing.

Reports suggest that the boys, seemingly unaware of the potential dangers, chose to take a swim in the river, unaware of the risks posed by the swift currents and varying depths. Despite the efforts of his companions to rescue him, Bourke succumbed to the force of the water.

Local authorities swiftly initiated search and rescue operations, deploying resources to recover the young boy’s body. After a thorough search effort, the body was discovered the following morning, bringing a sombre conclusion to the ordeal.

Incidents of this nature serve as a stark reminder of the importance of water safety, particularly in areas where natural elements can pose significant risks. As communities in and around Limerick come to terms with this tragic loss, discussions surrounding enhanced safety measures along the riverbanks are expected to take precedence, ensuring that such heart-rending incidents are minimised in the future.

Freeman’s Journal – Monday 21 June 1915

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