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Limerick Journalists Association Condemns Newspaper Tax |

Limerick Journalists Association Condemns Newspaper Tax

In a special meeting convened by the Limerick and District Journalists’ Association, a unanimous resolution was passed, expressing vehement opposition to recent governmental measures affecting the press. The resolution, adopted with resounding support, reflects the concerns of journalists and media professionals regarding the abolition of the half-penny postage and the significant increase in the cost of press telegrams.

The association’s resolution staunchly protests these developments, denouncing the abolition of the half-penny postage as well as the unjustifiable 150 per cent increase in the cost of press telegrams. Members of the association express deep apprehension regarding the potential ramifications of these impositions on newspapers in Ireland, foreseeing adverse consequences for the industry as a whole.

The resolution underscores the crucial role played by affordable postage and telegraph services in facilitating the dissemination of news and information to the public. It highlights the detrimental impact that the abolition of the half-penny postage and the exorbitant rise in telegram costs are likely to have on the accessibility and affordability of newspapers, particularly for readers in rural and remote areas.

Furthermore, the resolution calls upon Mr Redmond and the members of the Irish Parliamentary Party to vigorously oppose these measures, leveraging their political influence to safeguard the interests of the press and mitigate the adverse effects of the proposed imposts. It emphasises the urgent need for concerted action to protect the vitality and integrity of the newspaper industry in Ireland.

The unanimous adoption of this resolution reflects the solidarity and determination of journalists in Limerick and the surrounding districts to defend press freedom and advocate for the interests of their profession. It serves as a poignant reminder of the critical role played by a free and independent press in upholding democratic principles and fostering informed public discourse.

As the association prepares to convey its protest to the relevant authorities, it remains steadfast in its commitment to championing the rights and interests of journalists and ensuring the continued vitality of the press in Ireland. Through collective action and advocacy, it aims to confront the challenges posed by governmental policies and safeguard the essential role of the media in society.

Dublin Daily Express – Thursday 30 September 1915

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