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Limerick's Gaelic League Advocates Youth Engagement Amidst Linguistic Revival | Limerick Gazette Archives

Limerick’s Gaelic League Advocates Youth Engagement Amidst Linguistic Revival

In the heart of Limerick, the annual general meeting of the Gaelic League witnessed fervent discussions on preserving Irish culture, with a particular emphasis on engaging the youth in linguistic revitalization efforts. Reverend James Hayes, the President of the League, championed the idea of encouraging boys and girls freshly out of school to join the League, asserting the importance of nurturing a connection to the Irish language from a young age.

Addressing critics who questioned the inclusivity of the League, Rev. Hayes defended its role, highlighting the atmosphere of respect and courtesy fostered within its classrooms. He juxtaposed this with what he termed the superficial politeness of some social circles, emphasizing the genuine camaraderie found in Gaelic League gatherings.

Rev. Hayes underscored the pressing need for the Gaelic League in contemporary Ireland, characterizing linguistic Anglicization as a looming threat. He cautioned against complacency in the face of cultural erosion, particularly citing the encroachment of anglicized revues as a symptom of broader societal challenges.

The meeting concluded with a call to arms, urging the community to wield their Irish language as a potent weapon against the tide of Anglicization. As Limerick’s Gaelic League reaffirms its commitment to linguistic preservation, it stands as a beacon of cultural resilience in a rapidly changing world.

Freeman’s Journal – Tuesday 05 October 1915