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Stephen Quin Emerges as Mayoral Candidate in Limerick | Limerick Gazette Archives

Stephen Quin Emerges as Mayoral Candidate in Limerick

In a move that has stirred anticipation within Limerick’s political circles, Mr Stephen Quin, J.P., of the esteemed firm Messrs. John Quin and Co., has thrown his hat into the ring for the upcoming mayoral elections. Renowned within Irish commercial circles for his astute business acumen, Mr Quin’s decision to contest the mayoralty reflects his unwavering commitment to public service and community welfare.

A staunch Nationalist with a track record of vocal support for Mr Redmond and the Irish Party, Mr Quin brings to the fore a blend of civic pride and political conviction. His candidacy has garnered enthusiastic backing from his fellow Nationalist citizens, who see in him a champion of their values and aspirations.

With a firm grasp of the intricacies of local governance and a deep-rooted understanding of the needs of Limerick’s populace, Mr Quin emerges as a formidable contender for the mayoral seat. His tenure at Messrs. John Quin and Co., coupled with his active involvement in community initiatives, positions him as a candidate with both the vision and the capability to lead Limerick towards a brighter future.

As the electoral campaign gains momentum, Mr Quin’s platform is expected to focus on a range of issues vital to the city’s growth and prosperity. From bolstering economic development and fostering inclusive growth to championing the rights of Limerick’s residents, his agenda resonates with the hopes and aspirations of the electorate.

With the enthusiastic support of his Nationalist compatriots propelling his candidacy forward, Mr Stephen Quin stands poised to embark on a journey that could potentially reshape the political landscape of Limerick. As the countdown to the mayoral elections begins, all eyes remain firmly fixed on the unfolding developments, eager to witness the outcome of this pivotal moment in the city’s history.

Weekly Freeman’s Journal – Saturday 22 January 1916