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Limerick Christian Brothers Centenary Sparks Fundraising Drive |

Limerick Christian Brothers Centenary Sparks Fundraising Drive

Limerick, Ireland – As the Christian Brothers mark their centenary year in Limerick since their establishment in 1810, a concerted effort is underway to commemorate this milestone by addressing the pressing need for expanded educational facilities. The existing schools, which have served the community for decades, now find themselves struggling to adequately accommodate the growing number of pupils.

The initiative to raise funds for the expansion of these educational institutions has garnered widespread support from various quarters of the community. Spearheading the fundraising efforts is Mr S. B. Quinn, the esteemed Mayor of Limerick, who serves as the President of the Centenary Fund. Assisting him in this noble endeavour is Mr Stephen O’Mara, who holds the position of Vice-President, while the role of Treasurer has been entrusted to Mr T. C. Lawlor, the esteemed High Sheriff.

Working tirelessly behind the scenes are the Honorary Secretaries, including the Town Clerk, Mr W. M. Nolan, alongside Messrs. P. O’Flynn and P. J. Welsh. Their collective dedication and commitment underscore the importance of this initiative in addressing the pressing needs of the community.

In light of the prevailing economic challenges, the fundraising campaign faces the daunting task of securing the necessary financial support. However, the organizers remain optimistic, buoyed by the spirit of solidarity and generosity that characterizes the Limerick community.

While the appeal for contributions is primarily directed towards past pupils of the Limerick Christian Brothers’ Schools, the organizers stress that support from Irishmen across the nation and even from the global diaspora is crucial in achieving their objectives.

Expressions of solidarity and contributions towards the Centenary Fund can be directed to any of the esteemed gentlemen involved in the initiative. The offices of the Fund are conveniently located at the Town Hall in Limerick, serving as a central hub for coordinating the fundraising efforts.

The significance of this endeavour extends far beyond mere infrastructure development; it symbolises a collective commitment to preserving and advancing the legacy of the Christian Brothers in Limerick. By investing in the expansion of educational facilities, the community reaffirms its dedication to providing future generations with access to quality education, thereby empowering them to realise their full potential.

As the centenary celebrations unfold, the fundraising drive serves as a poignant reminder of the enduring impact of the Christian Brothers’ legacy in Limerick and the unwavering spirit of philanthropy that defines the community. Through collabourative efforts and unwavering determination, the vision of a brighter future for Limerick’s youth becomes increasingly attainable.

Dublin Leader – Saturday 15 July 1916

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