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Young Irishmen Sentenced for Assault on MP under Crimes Act in Limerick |

Young Irishmen Sentenced for Assault on MP under Crimes Act in Limerick

Limerick, Friday – A case under the Crimes Act, involving five young Irishmen – Doyle, O’Shaughnessy, McKeown, Murphy, and McInerney – for charges including riot, unlawful assembly, and assaulting Mr Lundon, MP.., on the 21st ult., concluded today in Limerick. Sergeant Sullivan represented the Crown during the proceedings.

After thorough examination of the evidence, the magistrates, Mr P. J. Kelly and Mr H. R. Jones, R.M.’s, rendered their verdict. O’Shaughnessy was convicted and sentenced to three months of hard labour, with an additional two months in default of bail. Murphy was discharged, while the remaining defendants received sentences of two months of hard labour, with the option of two additional months upon failure to post bail.

No appeal was made against the decision rendered by the magistrates.

The case stemmed from an incident on the 21st of last month, where the defendants were implicated in riotous behaviour and the assault of Mr Lundon, MP.. The Crimes Act, a piece of legislation designed to combat such acts of civil disobedience and violence, was invoked in the prosecution of the defendants.

The court’s decision reflects a stern approach towards those found guilty of breaching the law and causing harm to public officials. Such incidents not only undermine the rule of law but also jeopardize the safety and well-being of elected representatives.

Mr Lundon, MP.., has yet to issue a statement regarding the outcome of the trial or his condition following the assault. It remains to be seen whether further legal actions or measures will be pursued in connection with this incident.

The sentencing of the defendants underscores the importance of upholding law and order in society, particularly in times of heightened political tension and social unrest. The verdict serves as a reminder that acts of violence and disorder will be met with appropriate legal consequences.

The case has garnered significant attention locally, with many closely monitoring its proceedings and outcome. It underscores broader societal concerns regarding the maintenance of public order and the protection of elected representatives in the face of civil unrest.

As the defendants begin to serve their sentences, the aftermath of this case will continue to be a subject of discussion and scrutiny within the community, highlighting the complexities of maintaining law and order in a politically charged environment.

Evening Herald (Dublin) – Friday 09 February 1917

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