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Special Tickets for Labourers Facilitate Migration to Limerick |

Special Tickets for Labourers Facilitate Migration to Limerick

At the behest of the Department, railway authorities have acceded to a scheme offering special tickets to labourers, in conjunction with the Department’s vouchers, at half the regular return fare. This arrangement aims to facilitate the mobility of workers, particularly from areas with surplus labour, to regions where demand for agricultural labour persists, such as Limerick.

Under this arrangement, a return ticket for a labourer from Swinford to Limerick, for instance, would be priced at 5s. The initiative is particularly pertinent for labourers engaged in shorter-term employment. Notably, the cost of these tickets is anticipated to be reimbursed by the employer.

Throughout the country, county committees are being established under the auspices of the tillage scheme to address local labour needs comprehensively. These committees, operating at the parish level, are collabourating closely with farmers to ascertain their requirements regarding labour, seeds, fertilizers, and equipment.

Armed with these specifics, the committees, in tandem with farmers, are poised to address labour shortages effectively, especially in regions reliant on migratory labour. The Department stands ready to receive and expedite applications from employers offering concrete terms, forwarding them promptly to the relevant labour committees. Moreover, the Department pledges to streamline transactions through its own officers involved in the migratory labour sector.

In correspondence with the Department, pertinent inquiries regarding migratory labour should be clearly marked on the envelope as “Migratory Labour.” Prompt action is encouraged, particularly for roles requiring ploughmen, with wire applications welcomed if accompanied by requisite details.

Given the robust demand for general labourers, applications for their services are advised at the earliest opportunity. Notably, there exists a significant inclination among labourers to seek employment across the Channel, enticed by comparatively higher remuneration. Timely submissions of definitive offers from Ireland are crucial to averting potential migration to Britain, which could occur within the next fortnight.

Applicants are urged to specify the duration of labour required, with the indicated rates envisaging employment from approximately spring until the conclusion of the harvest season. It is emphasized that labourers sought solely for harvest duties can expect remuneration at notably higher rates.

In summary, the introduction of special tickets for labourers, in tandem with collabourative efforts between county committees and farmers, seeks to address labour shortages effectively, ensuring a streamlined flow of workforce to regions such as Limerick where agricultural demands persist.

Evening Irish Times – Monday 12 February 1917

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