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Limerick Railway Fatality: Inquest Reveals Tragic Circumstances |

Limerick Railway Fatality: Inquest Reveals Tragic Circumstances

Yesterday evening, Mr J.F. Barry, J.P., Coroner, presided over an inquest at the Railway Terminus concerning the untimely demise of Mr Edward Higgins, aged 30, a machinist, whose lifeless body was discovered decapitated on the permanent way of the Great Southern and Western system near Limerick on the preceding night.

The unfortunate incident occurred as a Nenagh train was en route to Limerick, nearing the Cork Road Halt near the city. It was reported that Higgins, in a regrettable turn of events, endeavoured to traverse the railway line and was subsequently struck by an oncoming engine, resulting in his tragic demise.

Following a thorough inquiry into the circumstances surrounding the incident, the jury returned an open verdict. Their deliberation conveyed a sentiment of sympathy towards the bereaved relatives of the deceased.

The solemn proceedings of the inquest shed light on the sobering reality of the hazards inherent in railway crossings and the grave consequences that can arise from disregard for established safety protocols.

The community is reminded of the importance of exercising utmost caution when navigating railway crossings, and authorities continue to underscore the imperative of adhering to designated safety measures to prevent similar tragedies in the future.

Dublin Daily Express – Wednesday 28 March 1917

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