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Malicious Injury Appeals Concluded at County Limerick Assizes |

Malicious Injury Appeals Concluded at County Limerick Assizes

LIMERICK, Thursday – The County Limerick Assizes concluded their proceedings today under the adjudication of Mr Justice Dodd. Among the cases heard, Ms. Kate O’Brien, a tenant of a substantial farm in Lisduam, Ballingarry, was awarded £400 in compensation for the malicious burning of her dairy and premises, which occurred on the 14th of December last year.

In a separate case, Mr James Ryan was granted £110 in compensation for the malicious injury inflicted upon his horse and mare, both vital assets of his property, in an incident dating back to October of the preceding year.

Under the meticulous eye of Mr Justice Dodd, the appeals were diligently considered, with due compensation being awarded to the aggrieved parties for the losses incurred as a result of the malicious acts perpetrated against their properties.

The conclusion of these appeals marks the culmination of the legal deliberations at the Assizes, with no further records slated for trial at this juncture.

This outcome underscores the commitment of the justice system to address and redress instances of malicious harm inflicted upon individuals and their properties, ensuring that fair compensation is duly awarded in accordance with the law.

The County Limerick Assizes continue to serve as a bastion of legal recourse, upholding the principles of justice and fairness in the resolution of disputes within the community.

Dublin Daily Express – Friday 09 March 1917

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