Limerick Guardians Unanimously Protest the “Sealed Order” Policy

The Board of Guardians of Limerick unanimously passed a resolution protesting against the terms of the sealed order recently issued by the Local Government Board. Under this order, the Local Government Board assumes the right to make certain appointments mandatory for Boards of Guardians, a move seen as unconstitutional and contrary to the spirit and intention of Local Government.

The Limerick Guardians argue that the sealed order policy arrogates power, interfering with the Board’s autonomy and undermining the very principles of local government. The resolution calls for a revision of the policy and a return to respecting the independence of Boards of Guardians in making their own appointments and decisions.

It remains to be seen if this protest will lead to further actions or policy changes on the part of the Local Government Board.

Northants Evening Telegraph – Friday 22 March 1901

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