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Nurse Kathleen Gibson Shares Remarkable Recovery of Delicate Child Using Scott’s Emulsion – Limerick Gazette

Nurse Kathleen Gibson Shares Remarkable Recovery of Delicate Child Using Scott’s Emulsion

Nurse Kathleen Gibson, based in Kilmallock, Co. Limerick, Ireland, has shared a remarkable account of her success treating a five-year-old patient. The child had been suffering from delicate chest and lung disease, including lung hemorrhages and a persistent cough. Nurse Gibson, who has experience monitoring her patients hour by hour, recommended Scott’s Emulsion for the child. The treatment resulted in remarkable improvement in the child’s health, transforming her previously delicate condition to become strong, healthy, and with healed lungs.

Nurse Gibson’s testimony highlights several important points that are relevant in every household with delicate or unwell children. Firstly, Scott’s Emulsion was well-received by the child, suggesting its palatable taste compared to common cod-liver oils. Secondly, Nurse Gibson feels confident in recommending the product, assured of the good results that will follow its use. Finally, and most importantly, the product has effectively transformed the health of her patients.

Scott’s Emulsion is a blend of pure cod-liver oil, a widely recognized medicinal food, with hypophosphites of lime and soda, essential elements for bone and tissue building. It is the result of thirty years of manufacturing experience and remains the standard remedy for the British people despite various alternatives being offered. The successful treatment of Nurse Gibson’s patient demonstrates how Scott’s Emulsion can alleviate symptoms like lung hemorrhages, coughing, stunted growth, and post-hemorrhage weakness, ultimately leading to heightened appetite, health, and strength, bringing happiness to the patient and their family.

To ensure one is purchasing genuine Scott’s Emulsion, buyers should look for the image of a man carrying a large codfish on his shoulder on the product wrapper. Samples of Scott’s Emulsion can be obtained by sending three pence for postage to Scott and Bowne, Limited, 95, Great Sutton Hill, London, E.C., and specifying this article. Scott’s Emulsion is also available for purchase at all chemists.

In conclusion, the positive outcomes shared by Nurse Gibson highlight the benefits and effectiveness of Scott’s Emulsion in the treatment of delicate children. This powerful blend of medicinal ingredients offers parents the hope of health and happiness for their young ones who may be suffering from various illnesses.