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Limerick Celebrates National Holiday; City Fathers Improve Efficiency; Successful Sacred Concert Held; and Football Matches Excite Fans – Limerick Archives

Limerick Celebrates National Holiday; City Fathers Improve Efficiency; Successful Sacred Concert Held; and Football Matches Excite Fans

Limerick citizens take pride in the successful observance of the National Holiday on Monday. The only businesses open are post offices and banks; however, the small volume of transactions suggests that they may be closed next year. Most notably, there is an absence of drunkenness. People enjoy the fine day by travelling to the countryside, and even at night, the streets are free from victims of excess.

The effective handling of St. Patrick’s Day celebrations in Sarsfield’s City is commendable.

The local press has the power to address the alarming loquacity of our City Fathers. When members of the Corporation see their speeches reported with such accuracy, they continue to waste public time on empty orations. But there is hope for improvement within the current body.

On Wednesday, the committees completed their work faster than usual due to the absence of Pressmen. May such efficiency continue in future sessions.

St. Patrick’s Day sees the singing of hymns in the Irish language, harkening back to the time of the National Apostle. The Irish class at St. Ita’s House makes remarkable progress, as demonstrated by their beautiful singing of hymns during the Benediction Service.

The establishment of the Limerick Irish Pipers’ Club is another move towards the cultivation of Irish music. Officers include President Mr Joseph Halpin, Vice-President Mr Peter McMahon, Secretary Mr John Downey, Treasurer Mr Thomas Moore, and other committee members. The annual subscription stands at five shillings, allowing members to learn the Irish bagpipes.

A successful sacred concert takes place in the Catholic Institute tonight, featuring pieces by Gounod, Rossini, Mendelssohn, and Handel. Soloists include Miss Williams, Mrs Hanrahan, Mr Shannon, and Mr Corbett, who perform Rossini’s “Stabat Mater” alongside a highly appreciative audience.

The overall quality of the concert is high, reflecting positively on the performance and the conductor, Mr Kendall Irwin.

The initial subscriptions towards the fund benefiting the late Dr Barry’s family are satisfactory. Those who have not contributed should contact the Mayor or High Sheriff without delay.

Additionally, Dr M. S. McGrath, a resident surgeon at Barrington Hospital, is appointed as the consulting medical officer for the Limerick Workhouse.

People in Limerick and Dublin who want to participate in the O’Brien Fund should act soon. Subscriptions remain open and can be sent to Mr P. Hankard or Mr John Crowe of William Street Limerick.

The sudden passing of Brother Dominick Doyle, a member of the Dominican community, saddens many local citizens. Known for his kindness and amiability, the community loses a devoted member whose short life was one of zeal and holiness.

Wednesday’s first-round football matches in the Markets Field for the Munster Cup prove to be a mixed affair. Garryowen easily defeats Tralee while Limerick County puts up an evenly matched contest with Queen’s College, Cork. The College emerged victorious by 16 points.

The exciting match between Limerick and Queen’s College on Tuesday is expected to draw a massive crowd.

Northants Evening Telegraph – Saturday 22 March 1902