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"Tenants of Goold Estate Gather for First Meeting under New Land Act in Limerick" |

“Tenants of Goold Estate Gather for First Meeting under New Land Act in Limerick”

The tenants of the Goold Estate, one of the largest estates in West Limerick that encompasses the village of Athea, gathered for their first meeting since the enactment of the new Land Act. The meeting took place in the Athea schoolrooms and was attended exclusively by tenants, except for Mr E. W. White, a Belfast solicitor and son of a tenant, whose friends hold significant portions of land within the estate.

Notable attendees included Messrs. P. Woulfe, E. Shechy, M.C.C., K.B. J. Woulfe, D.C., O. M. White, D.C., and many others representing various tenant families. The presence of these tenants and their engagement in the meeting showcased the importance of the Land Act and its potential impact on their lives and livelihoods.

The gathering aimed to discuss the implications of the new legislation and its effects on the tenants’ rights, rent agreements, and overall land management. It provided a platform for tenants to voice their concerns, share experiences, and seek guidance on navigating the changes brought about by the Land Act.

The meeting also demonstrated a sense of unity among the tenants, as they came together to understand and adapt to the new legal framework. It served as a foundation for future collabourations and discussions, enabling them to assert their rights and advocate for their interests in the evolving landscape of land ownership and tenancy.

The tenants’ meeting marked a significant milestone in the ongoing journey toward fairer land practices and tenant empowerment, ushered in by the implementation of the New Land Act in Limerick.

Kerry News – Monday 31 August 1903

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