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Land And Labour: Significant Gathering At Athea With Pronouncement From Mr Davitt – Limerick Gazette

Land And Labour: Significant Gathering At Athea With Pronouncement From Mr Davitt

Abbeyfeale, Monday. Yesterday, a momentous Labour demonstration took place in Athea, organized by the Land and Labour Association. Despite the inclement weather, a massive crowd assembled from various parts of West Limerick and North Kerry. The Abbeyfeale brass band accompanied the county Parliamentary members and J. O’Shee to the meeting. Mr T. O’Connor presided over the gathering, with Mr P.P.B. Cronin serving as the secretary, who, along with the committee members, orchestrated the arrangements with great competence. The village was adorned with Labour-themed decorations and slogans.

The following is the list of delegates’ names provided to the press:

Abbeyfeale: T.J. Keane, D.C.; O. Murphy, C. Daly, J. Donovan, W. Horan, J. Didnaber, I. Noonan, W.D. Harnett, M. Boche, T. Sullivan, M. Collins, J. Harnett, J. Scannell, M. Enright, etc.

Athea: T. O’Connor, T. Fitzgerald, J. Enright, A. Griffin, P.B. Cronin (honorary secretary), J. Mahony, D.R.J. Woulle, D.C.; J. White, D.O.; F. Sheehy, M.C.D.; T. O’Sullivan, P. Woulte, J. Woulfe, M. Woulfe, B. Woulfe, etc.

Ardagh: O. Moore, J. Woulte, P. Carrickerry, P. Anerne, M. Madigan, D.C. E. Malcaby, J. Scollard, Crowley, J. Doody, M. O’Connor.

Dissert: T.F. O’Sullivan, D.J. Flavin.

Glin: T.H. O’Connor, M. Mangan, D. Colhane, P. Normile, J. O’Connell.

Ballybunion: J. O’Mara, T. Foricht.

Lixnaw: P. O’Sullivan, J. Stack.

Patrickswell: O. Mulqueen, T. Mahony.

Mr Davitt’s letter was read aloud during the meeting, in which he expressed his regrets for being unable to attend due to his current private commitments and a limited number of meetings he can participate in. However, he emphasized the importance of a well-thought-out and carefully prepared manifesto that encompasses the labourers’ demands while considering the challenges that may hinder maximum demands being met by Parliament. He acknowledged that while all demands may not be fully granted, it should not deter them from making substantial claims.

The gathering at Athea marked a significant milestone in the pursuit of land and labour rights. The labourers’ aspirations, as well as the potential opportunities presented by the forthcoming Labourers’ Bill, were the focal points of the event. The dedication and unity demonstrated by the attendees showcased the unwavering determination to improve the conditions and prospects for the labouring class.

As the labour movement progresses, continued efforts to articulate the demands effectively and navigate the complexities of parliamentary processes will be essential. The plight of the labourers deserves thorough consideration, and the commitment of influential figures like Mr Davitt and the dedication of local leaders bode well for their cause. The Labourers’ Bill holds the promise of addressing some of their concerns, and it is anticipated that further discussions and advocacy will pave the way for meaningful change.

The Labour demonstration at Athea stands as a powerful testament to the unity and determination of the labouring class in their pursuit of justice and improved conditions. Despite the challenges posed by inclement weather, the immense crowd that gathered from various regions exemplified their unwavering commitment to the cause.

Under the leadership of Mr T. O’Connor and with the support of the Abbeyfeale brass band, the meeting was conducted with great organization and enthusiasm. Delegates from Abbeyfeale, Athea, Ardagh, Dissert, Glin, Ballybunion, Lixnaw, and Patrickswell came together to discuss the pressing issues faced by labourers in the region.

Although Mr Davitt, a prominent advocate for labour rights, could not attend the meeting, his letter stressed the importance of a well-prepared manifesto that articulates the labourers’ demands while acknowledging the challenges that may arise. He emphasized the need for thoughtful deliberation and strategic negotiation to achieve meaningful progress.

The event served as a platform for labourers to express their concerns and aspirations, particularly in anticipation of the forthcoming Labourers’ Bill. With the promise of potential opportunities, the labourers sought to secure their rights and improve their living and working conditions.

The gathering in Athea showcased the dedication and unity of the labouring class, underscoring their determination to bring about positive change. The efforts of Mr O’Connor, Mr Cronin, and the organizing committee were commended for their meticulous planning and effective execution.

As the labour movement continues to advance, it is imperative to maintain the momentum generated by this significant demonstration. By advocating for their rights and articulating their demands, the labourers can work towards a fairer and more equitable future.

The meeting at Athea served as a pivotal moment in the ongoing struggle for land and labour rights. It demonstrated the power of collective action and the resolve to create a better society for all labourers.

Kerry News – Wednesday 14 October 1903