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Railway Company Criticised For Lack Of Footbridge At Abbeyfeale Station |

Railway Company Criticised For Lack Of Footbridge At Abbeyfeale Station

Abbeyfeale, Tuesday – The residents of Abbeyfeale are expressing concern over the failure of the G.S.&W. Railway Company to construct a footbridge between the Limerick and Kerry platforms at Abbeyfeale station. Despite repeated appeals, it seems that the company has yet to take any action on this important safety measure.

The absence of a footbridge poses a significant risk to the well-being of passengers and pedestrians, and locals believe that it may take a tragic accident resulting in the loss of a valuable life for the railway company to recognize the urgency of the situation. The lack of a footbridge not only hampers the convenience of commuters but also raises serious safety concerns, particularly during peak travel times.

The community at Abbeyfeale firmly believes that a footbridge is essential to ensure the safety of those using the station, and they find it difficult to understand why the railway company has not prioritized this important requirement. The residents argue that the risk of accidents and potential loss of life should be a paramount concern for the company, and delaying the construction of a footbridge cannot be justified.

Calls for immediate action have been made to the G.S.&W. Railway Company, urging them to address the issue promptly. The residents of Abbeyfeale, along with concerned commuters and local authorities, are hopeful that their appeals will not go unanswered. They believe that the construction of a footbridge at Abbeyfeale station is a necessary step towards ensuring the safety and convenience of all passengers.

As the discussions continue, the community remains vigilant and determined to see the implementation of a footbridge that would alleviate safety concerns and provide a secure passage for those accessing the station.

Kerry News – Friday 11 December 1903

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