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Foynes Annual Regatta Athletic Sports: A Great Success |

Foynes Annual Regatta Athletic Sports: A Great Success

The Foynes Annual Regatta Athletic Sports, held yesterday on the railway field, proved to be a resounding success despite the challenging weather conditions. The event, attended by a large crowd, saw participants showcase their athletic prowess in various competitions. The prestigious gathering was graced by the presence of notable dignitaries, including the President, The Right Hon Lord Mouteagle, and Vice-President L. E. Clarke, Esq.

The organizing committee, comprised of prominent individuals such as A. Hall, Esq., CJ Nolan, Esq., MD, JJ Hanratty, Esq., P. Madden, P. Murray, Esq., P. O’Meebun, Esq., L. McNamara, Esq., Michael Kirwan, Esq., P. Nolan, M. McCarthy, Esq., J. McCarthy, Esq., and T. Finucane, Esq., worked diligently to ensure the event’s success. Treasurers L. E. Clarke and John Leahy, Esq., Secretary Maurice Fitzgerald, Esq., and Handicapper J. Hayes, from Limerick, played crucial roles in organizing and overseeing the day’s activities.

Despite the initial fine weather, rain began to fall as the day progressed, persisting throughout the afternoon. While this posed a challenge for holiday-seekers, it did not dampen the spirits of the participants and spectators.

One standout performance of the day was the remarkable jumping displayed by P. Corbett, who exhibited great potential and may emerge as a prominent figure in the field with further training. In the aquatic events, the race for yachts, conducted under the rules of the Limerick Yachting Association and featuring the splendid challenge cup donated by Mr Ambrose Hall, garnered significant attention. The victory in this fiercely contested race went to the yacht owned by Mr Glynn of Kilkee, while Dr Meehan’s yacht secured the second position. Visitors commended Mr Hall for his gracious hospitality, and the catering provided by Mr Hanratty at the railway refreshment rooms was highly praised and greatly enjoyed by all.

Outlined below are the details of the various competitions held during the event:

  • 100 Yards Handicap: W. Ryan from Oatfields claimed the first position, followed by J. McDonnell from Foynes in second place and B. Wadduml from Limerick in third place. Nine participants contested the race.
  • High Jump: P. Corbett from Foynes demonstrated exceptional skills, clearing a height of 9 inches, and securing the first position. P. Connell from Foynes secured the second position. Six competitors took part in this event.
  • 440 Yards Handicap: P. Corbett from Foynes claimed victory with a handicap of 30 yards. W. Ryan from Catfield finished second with a 25-yard handicap, while F. Short from Limerick secured third place with a 30-yard handicap. Eight participants competed in this race.
  • Slinging 56lbs: T. McCarthy from Foynes emerged as the winner, with M. Hayes from Pallasgrean securing the second position.
  • Throwing 16lbs: M. Hayes from Pallasgrean exhibited excellent throwing skills, claiming the first position, followed by Daoagher from Foynes in second place.
  • Long Jump Handicap: John O’Brien from Foynes leapt to victory with a distance of 21 feet and 2 inches. M. Casey from Rathkeale secured second place with the same distance. Seven competitors vied for the top spots.
  • 220 Yards Handicap: McCarthy from Foynes clinched the first position in this race.
  • 220 Yards Boys’ Race: Haunly from Rovertstown secured the top position, with Morrissey from Foynes finishing second.
  • 880 Yards Handicap: M. Kelly from Labasheeda emerged as the victor with a 40-yard handicap, while W. Ryan from Oatfields secured second place with a 25-yard handicap.

In a grand finale, Lady Monteagle, an esteemed guest of the event, graciously distributed prizes to the successful competitors, commending them for their outstanding performances.

In our next issue, we will cover the highlights of the Flower Show and a speech delivered by Sir Horace Plunkett, further adding to the comprehensive coverage of this remarkable event.

Limerick Echo – Tuesday 02 August 1904

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