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Tragedy Strikes Limerick: Fatal Stabbing Claims Life of Railway Worker

In a recent and devastating turn of events, the city of Limerick finds itself reeling from a shocking incident that has sent shockwaves through the local community. A tragic fatal stabbing incident has claimed the life of Michael Sheehy, an employee of the Waterford and Limerick Railway. This heart-wrenching event… Read More

Salmon Population Decline Alarms Experts in Limerick, Ireland

Limerick, Ireland – The salmon population along the coasts of Ireland is facing a grave crisis, marking the recently concluded season as one of the worst in many years, according to Mr Henry Stevenson, a seasoned salmon trade expert with three decades of experience. This alarming trend has sent shockwaves… Read More

Limerick County Coursing Club Celebrates Successful Two-Day Event at Foynes

The Limerick County Coursing Club recently hosted an exciting and successful two-day event held at Foynes. The event, which garnered substantial interest and support from local coursing enthusiasts, showcased the vibrant sportsmanship and community spirit present within the region. One of the key factors contributing to the event’s success was… Read More

Poor Law Conference to Discuss Union Amalgamation

A conference to address the topic of union amalgamation will convene tomorrow, Wednesday, around noon at the County Courthouse. In relation to this matter, Lord Monteagle sent a letter to Mr R. Roche, Secretary to the County Council, expressing his thoughts on the issue. The letter, received on Saturday, reads… Read More