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Allegations Against Limerick Priests Regarding Impoverished Individuals' Dances Dismissed as Baseless | Limerick Gazette Archives

Allegations Against Limerick Priests Regarding Impoverished Individuals’ Dances Dismissed as Baseless

Limerick, Tuesday, August 30, 1904 – A letter attributed to an individual using the pseudonym “Rusticus” has emerged, making serious accusations against Limerick priests regarding dances held in the homes of impoverished individuals. However, the contents of the letter, filled with unfounded claims and malicious libels reminiscent of the infamous Connellan, do not merit attention from any reputable publication, regardless of religious affiliation. The allegations lack credibility and should be disregarded. If the author genuinely believes in these baseless claims, it is advisable for them to seek clarity and refrain from propagating unfounded accusations.

Limerick Echo – Tuesday 30 August 1904