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Shaws Private Secretary: Death of Mr R. Plummer | Limerick Gazette Archives

Shaws Private Secretary: Death of Mr R. Plummer

A telegram received in town this evening brings the sad news of the passing of Mr R. Plummer, private secretary to Mr Alex. W. Shaw, MP.., principal of the firm W. J. Shaw and Sons. The unfortunate event took place in Dublin, where Mr Plummer had recently gone to undergo a surgical procedure, which tragically resulted in his demise. Mr Plummer, a young man of considerable promise, had recently married an English lady. He hailed from an esteemed Protestant family in County Limerick and was highly regarded by all in Limerick due to his unfailing courtesy and kind demeanour. The news of Mr Plummer’s untimely death has evoked genuine sympathy and sorrow in Limerick, and heartfelt condolences are extended to his grieving widow and family in this time of affliction.

Limerick Echo – Tuesday 08 November 1904